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May 30, 2009 05:22 PM

HELP!!! Pink and red cocktail/longdrink recipes

Hello everybody.

I hope to find some help's a bit specific.
I am organizing the bachelorette party for my friend who's getting married in 2 weeks in the Dominican Republic.
We have a themed party, so I am looking for cocktails/longdrinks/shots that are pink or red.

What makes it still a bit more difficult is that you can't get all ingredients down here.
Spirits is fine, you can get gin, obviously rum, vodka (including flavored ones), triple sec, martini. and others.
Juices get already a bit more difficult, but all exotic fruit juices are fine, cranberry juice, too.
Liqueurs I'm pretty sure I can find strawberry, cherry, watermelon, peach,...

Do you have any ideas for yummy cocktails, longdrinks or shots in these colors?!

Help would be greatly appreciated!!!



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  1. Anything light in colour + grenadine