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May 30, 2009 04:53 PM

Hong Kong Sunday Brunch

Any suggestions on Sunday Brunch in Hong Kong? I've tried both Niccolini's at the Conrad and also at the one in Shangri La. Anything else worth trying? Or are those the ones to go for? THanks!

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  1. The Verandah at The Repulse Bay for a very relaxed meal with a great breeze (hopefully) and a view to kill for.

    ToTTs in the Excelsior for much the same minus the breeze. Both will set you back a fair bit.

    If you want something less costly, try Dickens Bar in Excelsior.

    1. The Grill at the Grand Hyatt - I think you can now hang out by the pool for the rest of the day for free too.

      1. Top Deck (Jumbo Floating Restaurant) is inexpensive with a great variety of food, but more for a group taking advantage of the freeflow drinks rather than looking for haute cuisine!

        Zuma (Landmark) is a decent Japanese effort, great sashimi spread too.

        The Mandarin Grill does brunch occasionally and it is excellent - usually on only on special occasions though (Mothers' Day etc)

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          I have never been to Top Deck - I've read it's a bit of a tourist trap, although a friend of mine (who, like me, has/had lived in Hong Kong for over 10 years - i.e., about/over half our lives) took some of his traveling friends there and said it's great for relaxing.

        2. Also, not a 'brunch' in the 'traditional' sense, but head down for an early/late lazy lunch to The Boathouse in Stanley - very nice, quaint bar/restaurant that's been around for a long time now - it's a Stanley icon.

          They do good seafood, but have a variety of other options to choose from - I suggest a whole load of seafood appetisers (get a platter, smoked salmon and bucket of mussels if you're going in a group) and then go for something lighter in the mains.

          All this while overlooking Stanley - try to see if you can get a table at the top floor.

          Will cost (depending on how much you eat and what you drink) between HK$200 - HK$500 per person.

          Generally, 2-3 appetisers, 3 mains, 2 desserts, 1 coffee and a couple of glasses of wine sets us back about HK$1100-$1300 for 3 people.