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May 30, 2009 04:31 PM

Tuna, salmon, kingfish -- but where to buy other kinds of sashimi?

Being mad about all things raw fish, I'm disappointed that the only kinds of sashimi-grade fish generally available from retailers around Sydney are salmon, tuna and occasionally kingfish. Restaurants on the other hand seem to have access to a wide variety of fish and seafoods for use in raw applications. Where do they get these? Where can WE get these?

I once wrote to the Sydney Fish Markets asking if any whole fish they sell would be suitable for sashimi if filleted but was advised against eating these raw as they are not fresh enough or handled in a way appropriate for sashimi.

Anyone know? Ta

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  1. I know I've mentioned them before, but Wellstone's in Willoughby. Their stock changes often, so I'd call and ask what's fresh before going, but I've seen a lot of fish there that I haven't seen in many other fishmongers. They also cut sashimi to order which is nice.

    They're open late on Thursdays and Fridays too! :)

    Shop 3, Market Place, 201-209 High Street, Willoughby, 9958 8599

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    1. Try talking to the guys at Claudios (at the fish markets). Whilst they always have sashimi grade tuna salmon and kingfish, i'm sure they can help you source other sashimi grade fish.
      IMO they're the best.
      Writing to the fish markets is like writing to a governmental body - they don't sell anything and will only give you arbitrary advice...