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May 30, 2009 04:01 PM

Which Greek?

My husband will be in Chicago for a conference and only has one night to himself for dinner. He'd love to go to a great Greek restaurant. (Philadelphia is sorely lacking in great Greek restaurants!)

I've looked at this board and am still torn between suggesting Greek Islands, Santorini's, and Rodity's. Which would you suggest for someone dining alone? Casual is just fine...for this dinner the food is all that matters.

I wish I was going with him...Chicago is such a great city. Thanks for your help!

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  1. Are there certain greek dishes he really wants? I'm partial to Santorini of those three, but Greek Islands has a couple standout dishes, particularly the housemade gyros and the fried zucchini.

    For something a bit more interesting and modern (and more expensive), there's the newly opened Taxim in Wicker Park, which has been getting very favorable reviews.

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      I know some of his favorites are stuffed grape leaves, Greek salad, and spanakopita. I think for this dinner a restaurant serving traditional Greek favorites would be most appreciated. Thank you for your help!

      1. re: DaisyM

        The Parthenon has a "family-style" offering on its menu: saganaki, taramoslata, hummus, Greek salad, gyros with onions and yogurt, dolmades (grape leaves), pasticcio, lamb, and dessert (you can have chicken or beef instead of lamb if you prefer). Price is about $20 per person. Food is good.

        1. re: CJT

          But if he's dining alone, that won't work so well.

          Greek Islands has a combination option. I forget what they call it, but you can select from a bunch of small plates about $5 each. It's also my personal favorite. Their lamb with artichokes is unequaled anywhere outside of Mykonos. :)

        2. re: DaisyM

          I thought my meal at the relatively new Taxim was excellent, but it is anything but traditional. For the old standards, I think Greek Islands is the best, especially for the items you mention. I also like Santorini, especially if I'm in a seafood mood.

          1. re: BRB

            Thanks everyone. I tell him Greek Islands or Santorini. I wish I was going! Thanks again.

            1. re: DaisyM

              Regardig the comment from tzurriz, your husband can order the "family style" dinner at The Parthenon for himself. No need for a family, that's just what they call it. Consider it a "sampler plate" if family style doesn't fit, but it includes all the items I mentioned, even for only 1 person.

              1. re: CJT

                Hi, everyone and thanks so much for all your suggestions. My husband just called to tell me that he and a colleague are going to Greek Islands. The other gentleman had suggested a steak house and my husband said, "The Chowhounds told my wife where to get great Greek food...we can always get steak in Philly." So thanks from him, too.

                1. re: CJT

                  I wasn't sure. Thanks for the update. :)

                  I still prefer Greek Islands, but that's because my family has been going there since the early 1980's. I'm not saying it's better, just that it is my preference.

        3. I had the greek salad (with grilled chicken) at Greek Islands about 2 weeks ago and it was very good - nothing earthshattering, but fresh and tasty. Everyone else enjoyed their meals as well (we went at lunch with about 12 people). Service was good and it was a pleasant environment.