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May 30, 2009 03:36 PM

Calling all high altitude bakers...Help!

I live at 7500 ft and I can't bake worth a toot. My usual m.o. is to try the original recipe to see if it works or needs to be tweaked...the results are never consistent. Sometimes things need adjusting and sometimes they don't. Today I tried the following recipe:

The center fell and the raspberries stuck to the bottom of the pan. I used fresh baking soda and powder...and I always use an oven thermometer.

PLEASE help me...I used to be a great baker at sea level. Now, it would appear that I've lost my mojo.

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  1. Your mojo's right there, but needs to make a few adjustments for high altitude... I'm not much good at following recipes (even baking) but I can follow rules of thumb. I like (and have success) with this type of adjusting :

    I'm at just over 7000 feet and haven't ever tried baking anything (other than yeast breads) without making these types of changes. So far so good-- I hope it helps you too.

    1. Rule No. 1
      At high altitude (especially at your altitude) forget everything you ever learned about baking at sea level. You haven't lost your mojo, their ain't no mojo at 7500 feet. It takes a lot of diligent effort to be successful at high altitudes and, even then, consistency has a narrower margin for error.
      The issue you're dealing with is atmospheric pressure. It would take a lot of space to cover all the specifics here.
      I'd like to suggest you log on to and join their high altitude cooking threads. There are also a number of good books on the subject ( that will help you.
      Have you ever baked bread in a pressure cooker? You may want to learn.