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May 30, 2009 01:28 PM

Sherman Oaks/Studio City Suggestions

Looking for a restaurant for dinner -- doesn't matter what type of cuisine, simply great food.

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  1. You don't mention price range or other preferences, so it's a little difficult to pinpoint. But....Max on Ventura, which has a very nice Asian fusion menu , is excellent. It's probably my favorite place in that part of town.

    1. Tons of good to excellent sushi places. Lal Mirch is good for Indian.

      1. Ca del Sol in Universal City

        For reasonable Italian, Oliva on Van Nuys.

        Simon Cafe on Sepulveda

        Artisan Cheese Gallery

        Firefly - out on the patio

        Gangadin for Indian

        Cedar House on Riverside and Whitsett

        Boneyard Bistro

        Lala's in Studio City

        1. Don't overlook Max or Mistral, possibly two of the best reataurants in the Valley if not in LA itself. Both are on Ventura in sherman Oaks. Want it good, comfortable bu not mind blowing try Zach's on Ventura before Universal City. I'll draw balsts for this one expecially from Carter but I still think Bamboo is the class Chinese restaurant in Sherman Oaks. Cafe Cordaile and Stanley's sort of round it out.