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May 30, 2009 12:44 PM

another question about

I hear folks talk about this site sometimes, but never paid much attention. Got an offer to get some radically discounted certificates, and for the first time am considering it. How long are they generally good for after purchase, and is there somewhere you can find that out on the website?

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  1. The certificates I have purchased indicate that they expire 1 year from date of issue except in California, or where otherwise prohibited by law.

    1. Just be sure to read all the restrictions - there are different conditions on different certificates from that company.

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      1. re: juantanamera

        But are those restrictions only those that you see on the website before you punch "purchase"? I don't want to buy coupons and discover they have to be used by the end fo the week or something.

        1. re: lemons

          I've never seen wording that had the certificates expiring in less than a year from date of purchase. Normally before you hit the "buy now" button you see any restrictions clearly stated (usually issues such as what days of the week [normally Sunday thru Thursday] you can use the certificate, can you use it for dine-in only or take out too, what dollar value of food you must purchase at a minimum to use the certificate, or informing you that a gratuity of 18% will be added to the meal before the certificate discount is applied for instance or whether or not the certificate applies to food only or both food and drink).

          Never had a problem using these in the probably dozen or so times we have purchased them.