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What is your Top 5 restaurants in Philly

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I am looking for the top five restaurants on your list to eat in Philly. I will be there this week and would love to hear everyones opinion. I am planning on Amada and Le Bec Fin.... any where else I should go?

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  1. My cousin graduated from the Culinary Institute of America, and works as a chef in Philly. We recently went there on a weekend eating trip, and this is where he took us.
    1) Osteria. http://www.osteriaphilly.com/ Delicious. Admittedly, he's a bit biased, it is the place where he works. Still, it's a Marc Vetri restaurant, and is divine! Loved everything we ate there!
    2) Distrito http://www.distritorestaurant.com/ (associated with Amanda I believe). Absolutely superb. I recommend the bone marrow, and the pork belly.
    3) Pho 75 for...what else, amazing Pho.
    4) Ansill's was also quite delicious. The crispy lamb's tongue was my favorite http://www.ansillfoodandwine.com/
    5) And of course, the trip would not be complete without visiting the Famous 4th Street Deli for some corn beef! (avoid the matza ball soup-kind of a let down).
    Hope that helps! And if you end up at Osteria-hope my cousin makes you something good! :)

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      I second the pork belly at Distrito as well as the Los Hongos Huaraches and the Kobe beef tacos.

    2. Are you looking to actually go out to five dinners? Are you dining alone?

      Ansill, Zahav, and Kanella are my top three right now, after that there are several places that could be 4 and 5: Osteria, Distrito, Tinto, Vetri, probably a couple others I'm forgetting..

      1. Here are my top six in alphabetical order! Ansill, Bibou (BYO), Fork, Melograno (BYO), Southwark, Zahav....

        It really depends what you're looking for -- high end, ethnic, BYO, etc. Make sure to hit the Reading Terminal Market and Capogiro!

        1. Tricky!

          1 - Tinto (Jose Garces, my personal fav though also love Amada and Distrito)
          2 - Osteria
          3 - Las Taquitos De Pueba (for tacos al pastor)
          4 - Southwark (great food and amazing classic cocktails, esp. manhattans)
          5 - tough choice between Modo Mio and Matyson

          Also love for dinner, Audrey Claire, Lolita

          Brunch - Honey's

          Have fun!

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            In no particular order:

            Lacroix (for brunch)
            Lee How Fook

          2. I've always had great experiences at Valanni every time I've gone. I've taken friends from out of town there and everyone always seems to like it. The menu has a great price range and something to please everyone.

            Went to Zahav the night before last and was pleasantly surprised. I also love Amada but hate the price tag so I can't go often. For gastropub fare, check out Nodding Head.

            1. this is a great list. thank you all. Now let the games begin. I look forward to eating my way through Philly.

              1. I don't have enough experience in Philly to really be an expert on the topic, but my five personal favorites, in no particular order, are:

                Morimoto. I realize this may be a little cliche to list, but I really did have one of the three best meals of my life here.
                Valanni. One of the few places thus far that my girlfriend and I have gone to twice, and I'm sure we would go again.
                The fifth spot is a tie between Pearl and Jones. Jones is great for affordable comfort food in a great, laid-back setting. I've heard a lot of negative things about Pearl, but when we went we had a really good experience. (Plus they had black truffle french fries, and I'm a truffleslut.)

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                  in no particular order

                  el jarocha
                  north 3rd
                  modo mio
                  famous dave's bbq
                  green rock tavern

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                    supplamental : cafe lous and tai lake

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                    I completely agree with you re Morimoto.

                  3. ok this is not in any order
                    1.Tinto-really just all around lovely
                    2.Vetri-need i say more
                    3.Dim Sum Garden (why are those soup dumplings so addictive, they are way I havn't been able to give up pork)
                    4.Ting Wong-good cheap Chinese
                    5. Salt and Pepper-simple at its best!
                    6. Marigold Kitchen

                    1. OK, I'll play...

                      1. Vetri
                      1a. The Fountain Room (but have not been back since new chef took over)
                      3. Amada
                      4. Morimoto
                      5. Vietnam

                      1. Vetri
                        Pho 75

                        1. 1) Vetri - Just consistently the best food
                          2) Zahav - absolutely wonderful. Really want to try the quarter kitchen.
                          3) Amada - a revisit dropped this below Zahav. Still very good.
                          4) Osteria - Probably only so "low" because I already have Vetri on the list
                          5) would be a tie between James and Tinto, though really at this point I'd rather pick any number of chinatown haunts or even one of the great beer spots like local 44 or something.