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May 30, 2009 10:42 AM

Big Mamou, Springfield, MA

Been here a couple times recently doing work in the area and gotta say what a hidden gem. Place looks like a whole in the wall but great looking plates, tasty down home Cajun food, and has always been packed during the lunch hour. BYOB at night if you go for dinner. Across the street from the main post office on liberty street in Springfield in a little strip'd never know by looking at it. What a place! Anyone else been there?

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  1. I've been there twice for lunch and found it uninspired and completely mediocre at best. The catfish po' boy was fried fish strips in a heat and eat roll with no sauce, seasoning, slaw or soul. The jambalaya rice was plain yellow rice with jarred gravy. The ettouffe was eh. Chef Wayne was in the house both times. As expected from a Phantom gourmet former advertiser, er I mean favorite.

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      I agree. I've never had a decent meal there. Or at the Williamsburg location where I've been 3 times. Just plain not good!

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        Wow - no seasoning or sauce - when I've been there that's been the best part. I'm addicted to this place now, it's been great.

    2. We love the Williamsburg location. In fact, we travel from the Berkshires to eat there every 3 or 4 weeks. My favorite is the blackened catfish with red beans and rice. The wife likes the Chicken Etoufee. On occasion, we'll order the appetizer of Crab Cakes Natchitoches. We only ate in Springfield once and found nothing wrong. We still prefer the Williamsburg location.

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        1. I went here with my parents and brother on a Sunday night (Springfield). The best thing we ate was the dessert, all the apps we ordered tasted the same, the entrees were barely edible!
          The apps we ordered the fried oysters, crab cakes and and crawfish hush puppies. All 3 apps were served with the same dipping sauce... so really you couldn't even tell if you were eating at least a crab cake or crawfish. Oysters have a distinctive flavor... but after dipping into the same sauce for all 3, everything started to blend together.

          The entrees were even worse. I ordered seafood jambalaya. Okay granted I've never had jambalaya before so i wasn't expecting too much. But it didn't taste like much of ANYTHING! And the "seafood" used was the cheapest kind- tilapia (less than 2 ounces of it, 3 measly mussels, and maybe 5 cheapo baby shrimp. There were no tomatoes in this jambalaya.. WHAT? really!
          My mom ordered the Chicken mississippi... If you can even call it that. It wasn't even REAL and freshly cooked chicken! You could tell it was obviously the frozen presliced and precooked stuff fastfood restaurants use! And again, it was flavorless, tasted like chicken broth with fake chicken tossed together in a over sized plate.
          The Red beans and Sausage my brother ordered was, surprise surprise DISAPPOINTING! The description was spices... I guess their idea of spices is cayenne. Because it was spicy and that was about it.

          The only redeeming factor of the entire meal was the dessert which was the 5 flavor pound cake and the corn bread served with my brothers meal. The cornbread was sweet and moist, the poundcake was dense and sweet, but not too sweet which was surprising because of the brandied pecans and peaches.

          Really, not worth the money.

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