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May 30, 2009 09:38 AM

[London] Zojirushi rice cookers in London?

I'm looking for a Zojirushi rice cooker (pref 3 cup) and can't seem to find anywhere in London that stocks them.

Anyone seen these around anywhere? Or know a site that ships to the UK?

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  1. I have a 5 cup (non logic) cooker that I bought at a Japanese grocery shop called Unohana, 10 North End Road (opposite Golders Green tube station). But that was 5 years ago and Unohana has now closed and reopened as Hello Kitchen, still a Japanese grocery shop but with a different product range. I can't recall whether Hello Kitchen sells them, best to give them a call.

    As a footnote, I paid £85 for my cooker and I'm very content with it.

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      i got a very basic 'cookworks' ricecooker from Argos, which is nothing fancy but does the job just fine, providing you wash and soak the rice first properly.

      1. re: foreignmuck

        FM, I think you make a good point. Mine is Zojirushi and I am very happy with it but I am sure you can get very good rice cookers by other manufacturers and for lower prices. In fact I think it's quite tricky to find Zojirushi items in the UK these days, I'm not sure why, commercial reasons I assume.

        And of course it doesn't matter what machine you have unless you're putting good quality, properly prepared rice in it.

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          Foreignmuck, since I have your ear--do you know anywhere I can get a tsukemono press as well? I've given up on my no new kitchen gadget rule and have now lost the run of myself. I have an impatient pickles recipe that's burning a hole in my pocket(?)

          1. re: Lina

            sorry Lena, I have no idea.... didn't even know such things existed to be honest.. But google says they are sold on Amazon in the US, but not over here...

            Just waiting now for the "chowhound team" to apologise for interrupting the chow tallk...... :)

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              Luckily I saw it in time. It's all relevant to UK foodies (the US ones certainly don't care about our trials) so hopefully the kind moderators won't be too upset. ;)