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May 30, 2009 08:08 AM

real wasabi

anyone know where i can buy the root in manhattan?

anyone know of places that use real wasabi? (i know nippon does, and i think yasuda might)

has anyone had luck growing it themselves?

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  1. I've seen it sold at Sunrise Market.

    1. Sunrise mart and Katagiri carry them sometimes but not all the time, so give them a call first.

      Most upscale restaurants will have real wasabi but may not be offered unless you order omakase at the sushi bar (or if you request), because that way the cost of the wasabi is accounted for.

      1. there is a huge asian market in Edgewater NJ, and they sell fresh wasabi. It is very expensive though. About $30 for a 4 inch piece.

        1. edgewater isn't in manhattan ;)

          i've checked katagiri semi often and i've never seen it - bad timing i guess.
          i order omakase in many places - i'll try requesting in the future - any places you know of that have it for sure ( as opposed to the generic "most upscale")?

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            Yasuda, Kanoyama (need to ask and cost extra), Kurumazuhi, Sushiden, etc. have fresh wasabi.

            Even Megu has some, and Morimoto when ordering omakase at the chef table.

          2. Yasuda uses real wasabi for sure. I have also actually had it at Mishima (may have had to request it).

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              Megu brings fresh wasabi root to the table and grinds as much as you want when you order sushi/sashimi.

              Le Miu, located on Avenue A between 6th and 7th, will give you fresh wasabi if you ask for it. They may charge you extra.

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                  I am very sorry to hear that! I thought it was an excellent restaurant.