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May 30, 2009 08:06 AM

Sticky crepe skillet

I bought a crepe pan from a Williams&Sonoma outlet. I think it's iron but not cast iron. My crepes, especially the first ones I make, always stick. Should I have seasoned the pan? How do I ensure my crepes slide off easily as I've seen them do in cooking shows?

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  1. Yes you should season your pan, i use clarified butter to cook with as well.

    1. It may be carbon steel. That requires seasoning just like cast iron. If treated properly, and used just for crepes, pancakes, and omelets, it will acquire a nice nonstick coating. At the start of the cooking session, I'll pour a bit of oil in, and wipe it around with a paper towel. Then between crepes I give the pan a fresh wipe with the oily paper.

      1. Be patient. Don't use Pam or other commercial sprays - they contain lecithin and after awhile it becomes sticky. I believe I filled mine with veg oil and heated it really hot and then let it cool off. When I start making crepes I can't butter the pan as I go anymore or the crepes will slide around too much and I'll end up sliding them around instead of being able to flip them.

        Use you pan only for crepes, nothing else. Keep you crepe pan in a paper bag between uses and don't wash it with soap or detergent between uses.

        1. If it's sticky, I heat up my pan hot, but not smoking hot, and take a paper towel soaked with oil and rub, rub, rub hard at the sticky spots.

          1. Traditional crepe pans are made of carbon steel... Williams Sonoma does sell these carbon steel pans, and they're the only ones I've seen there that are specifically for crepes.

            The pan should ALWAYS be seasoned before its first use. In addition, you must make certain that the batter is NOT cold. The batter should be at room temperature. If the batter is cold (say you just used cold milk or water), it will ALWAYS stick, no matter how seasoned the pan is. This could explain why your first batch of crepes are sticking... The batter is cold, but after you make a few crepes, the batter has time to warm up to room temperature.

            Hope this helps!