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May 30, 2009 07:50 AM

Suffolk Grille Milton/Canton line (138)

Has anyone been or know anything about the new restaurant that has opened on 138 at the Milton/Canton line? They have some menus online at and there was an article about them recently in the Milton Times but I'd prefer some chowhound reviews. The owner also runs the centerfield's restaurant in Canton - is that a good or bad thing?
(looking for a local restaurant to go on our first date without the baby)

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  1. You can do better. Low grade pub food, big curry college hangout. The staff is very friendly though. Depending where you are you have townsends, Ashmont Grill, then all of Jp and roslindale.

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    1. re: Smokee

      Thanks, we'll skip it then. The menu seems fairly expensive for 'low grade pub food'. We have several places we used to go before the baby in JP, Roslindale and Quincy, I was hoping this would be a good local place. Oh well. Maybe we'll finally try Townsend's (we are in walking distance).
      Thanks again for the reply

    2. Is this the place over by the Hillside Pub (in the shadow of Great Blue Hill)?

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        yes its right by the old y.d. dugout a.k.a the hillside pub. uts in the old howard johnson restaurant

      2. We went there for dinner this evening. Good variety on the menu, my wife had crab cakes, we both had Caesar sald and i had a chicken parme sub.

        I would go back, the sandwich was yummy, portion sizes were reasonable (as in, not ridiculously overszied like so many places. ) Waitstaff was very friendly. A little pricey, but *way* better than the old Blue Hill Sourts Grill (total dive) that was there formerly. Nice atmosphere, seems geared to attract a more sophisticated crowd than the Curry schmoes.