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May 30, 2009 06:32 AM

August 7-11th visit

Thanks again for this board..has helped me plan 3 great visits. This trip will be with whole family, who are after red sause Italian. We have been to Becco, but they are looking for best eggplant parmegiann in city. travel is not issue as we will be staying in finanical district.

Planned meals so far are Balthazar for breakfast:daughters looking forward to scene and food. Thinking of going back to have them experience Cafe de Brussles for mussels. Thinking of ateros? pizza...end of same block as Lupa.

rest of visit in terms of meals are open...we will be spending most of our time in soho, noho, EV and WV.

I will be more focused as we get closer, but red sause Italian is key....

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  1. Campanile, on 29th St., b/t Park Av. S. & Madison, serves delicious traditional Italian/ American fare. The eggplant parmigiana is superb! My favorite dish there.

    1. any suggestions..or have i not given enough details? Today we have added tapas and now its between casa mono and Alta. We have been to casa mono and really enjoyed it...any thoughts?

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        anyone compare casa mono VS. Alta for Tapas. Have been to casa mono....thoughts

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          I thought Casa Mono's portions were bigger, more satisfying, and overall were more interesting, but the atmosphere at Alta is much better, and it's not nearly as cramped and uncomfortable as CM can be. Plus, it's easier to get into Alta. Alta is better for those who aren't adventurous eaters, too.

      2. Don't know much about red sauce Italian, sorry.

        Balthazar for breakfast is good.

        For mussels: haven't been to Cafe de Bruxelles but here's a few mussels threads:

        For pizza, Arturo's is what you are thinking of. It is good but not great or best in the city.

        In terms of rest of the meals, you should probably give more direction: desired cuisine, price including tax and tip and drinks, # of people in your family, any picky eaters/allergies, whether you are willing to wait a long time to eat or prefer to make reservations or make decisions on the fly, etc. Any kind of itinerary ("we'll be in X for lunch, and we're looking for... etc.") is most helpful in planning.