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May 30, 2009 05:36 AM

5 Napkin Burger

Going to a show tomorrow with some friends and this is the restaurant they picked. I don' t really eat burgers. Is anything else on the menu good? I noticed they have sushi. Has anyone tried it? What can I get besides a burger?

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  1. i went once and ended up getting some sort of veggie burger...very messy, as promised, but quite good. i'm looking forward to going back and trying some other things

    1. it was pretty meh. not worth it. find a better place

      1. There are some fish and chicken dishes, but I think the burgers are what they do best. For something a little different, try the lamb burger.

        1. Went last night for the first time with some friends. Two of us had the original 5 napkin burger (comte cheese, caramelized onions, rosemary aioli) and two had the cheddar bacon burger. They are HUGE (10 oz. each) and definitely required napkins, but I'd say it was more grease than juice. Meat was loosely packed and cooked to order, though, so that was nice. Didn't try them, but onion rings looked great.

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            Onion rings are OK, but, like the burger, are too big and not exceptional enough. I much prefer the owners' other places (Nizza and Marseille, both on the same block).

            1. re: Striver

              Agreed - Marseille is fabulous!

              1. re: Striver

                What's the difference between the burgers at 5 Napkin and Marseille? I've had them at both restaurants and thought they were both very good. I didn't detect any difference.

                ETA: Rereading your statement, I may have misinterpreted you. Are you saying that the burgers at Marseille and Nizza are better? Or do you mean that you just prefer the food (non-burgers) at Marseille and Nizza?

                1. re: Miss Needle

                  The food - not the burger (I've never ordered a burger at Marseille). The burger at 5 Napkin reminded me of the old Jackson Hole burger - huge, juicy, OK - but not exceptional.

                  1. re: Striver

                    I see. I guess I haven't had the old Jackson Hole burger (only had it about two years ago). But all I can say is that 5 Napkin is nothing like the new Jackson Hole burger. Jackson Hole's burgers are kind of rubbery (kind of like a frisbee) and steamed. 5 Napkin's is very juicy and loosely packed (as burgers should be).

                    1. re: Miss Needle

                      There's a Jackson Hole in Englewood, NJ. Hearing all the hype for years about their burgers, when I finally made my first forage there, all I can say is it was a huge disappointment. People to this day still talk about their burgers and breakfast, especially their pancakes.......I simply cannot agree and quietly shake my head and roll my eyes(in my mind).

                      oh yes....and the steak fries are just as bad.

                      1. re: Miss Needle

                        Yes, the current JH burger is gross and not worth eating - which is why I referred to the "old" version. I guess I'm dating myself, but when they first opened, decades ago, they made a solid burger, which was a lot like the 5 Napkin without the bells and whistles (comte, rosemary aioli).

                        Let me reiterate that there's nothing wrong with the 5N burger (and it was well prepared, too) - but it was not distinctive enough for me to want to go back for another - unlike, say, the PL burger. Maybe it was my expectations, based on their other restaurants, but I found the 5N burger disappointing.

                2. re: AriB

                  I also thought the burger was greasy--I didn't want to eat meat for days after going. But someone I went with raved about it, saying that it demonstrated that chuck is better than sirloin for burgers. (Not that I have any idea what the burger is made from.)

                3. Truly an awful restaurant, where their only job is to cook a burger and they can't even do that right. After waiting 35 minutes, mine came out RAW when I asked for medium. I should have known this, though, since the table next to me complained about this before they left (to the waiter who disappeared several times during service). When I complained to the manager about the undercooked food, they just shrugged, since I'm sure they hear this all the time. Also, the drinks are atrocious, every mixed cocktail tasted like there was no liquor and was overpriced for the neighborhood, and the taste. Not only will I never go back, but I wouldn't mind if they went out of business and were replaced by a bank.