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Eating our way up Michigan's western coast

Although I'm a native Michigander, I left for college a few short months after receiving my drivers license, and never had the chance to thoroughly explore my home state. I'm looking to rectify that in conjunction with my brother's wedding next month, as I meander up from my parents' house in Ann Arbor (where I'm picking up the wedding booze) to the venue near Traverse City. I have a full two days to make the trip.

I'm hoping to build my itinerary around edible destinations, and would love fellow Chowhounders' suggestions. I'm clear on what to eat once I'm north of Sleeping Bear dunes (like many metro Detroiters, I've spent plenty of time in the TC area), but have no idea what lies between there and A2. Thoughts?

Thanks in advance for all your help.

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  1. I can't say much from personal experience, but there is a Michigan wine country magazine that has a lot of interesting-sounding restaurants in it, in SW Michigan and along the coast. You can probably find the magazine at a wine store or order it from Michiganwines.com

    1. I'd plan my route by going 96 and making a brief detour south in Grand Haven to go to the beach. There's a great county beach in Ferrysburg near GH, or two big state park beaches in GH and up at PJ Hoffmaster near Norton Shores. In GH, stop at Ray's for to-go FRESH perch sandwiches, "beef burgers" and shakes for cheap eats. Tons of restos on the waterfront in GH too. For amazing views of the lake try Bil-Mar. I find the restaurant at Bil-Mar a bit stuffy, but their patio is great. Also in GH right downtown near the boardwalk is the Kirby Grill, which has 3 different restaurants in one building that's pretty good. Last,but not least, a FANTASTIC breakfast can be had at Morning Star Cafe.

      From there, meander up 31. There are fun, good places to stop, especially in Ann Arbor, when making your way west, but I'd skip the middle of the state, whether you go 96, 94 or even Michigan Ave (although that would take you pretty far south) to get to the lake and go up the coast.

      1. I used to eat at the Common Grill in Chelsea, MI, when I lived in Ann Arbor. This place is like a miracle in a small, rural town. The owner used to be an executive chef.

        1. Two places I can think of near Lansing....

          El Oasis Taco Truck
          I highly recommend the beef cheek burrito.

          Second would be in Potterville
          Its a old time bar that serves up Gizzards, Deep Fried Cheeseburgers, and other morsels. Draft beer is served in a Mason Jar. The People are real friendly!

          Both of these are inexpensive places but are in my humble opinion not to be missed culinary destinations.

          1. I'm a big fan of Hermann's European Bistro in Cadillac. It would
            be an excellent restaurant anywhere ... why did Hermann relocate
            from Austria & Nepal? Married a hometown girl ...

            He also has an excellent (attached deli) and meat/fish/wine market.
            Upstairs is the five room hotel.


            1. Can anyone add to this? I will be spending about 2 days working my way down from Mackinac Island through Harbor Country in SW Michigan. Can anyone make recs in the:
              Petoskey-Charlevoix-Torch Lake (Bellaire area)-TC-US 31 route toward Harbor Country?

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              1. Torch Lake/Traverse City area is easy...Tapawingo...Rowe Inn and Legs Inn further north. Along the southern coast...Fricano's pizza in Grand Haven, Hyerdalls (anything chicken) in Bridgeman, in Sawyer a great burger place, Redamax (spelling unsure)

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                  Tapawingo is closed. Leggs Inn is on M-119 halfway between Harbor Springs and Mackinaw in the thriving metropolis of Cross Village but a fun pick for many CH's.

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                    Hyerdahl's is closed in Bridgman and Redamak's is in New Buffalo.

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                      The news about Hyerdalls is so disappointing...was planning to stop there for lunch next Monday. Any idea what happened...thought it had a good chance of making it in this economy due to the loyal following and low prices? And Tapawingo...one of the best restaurants in Northern Mi... Glad to hear Redamaks is still there. How about the butcher shop with ham in Three Oaks...is it still around? Thanks for any help you can provide!

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                        Drier's in Three Oaks is still open.Best liverwurst I ever had.I loved Hyerdahl's but it was old school and lost favor I guess. just don't know.Last time I looked it was a Roma's pizza from a branch of the same family that used to own the one in New Buffalo.