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May 29, 2009 09:50 PM

Good Pizza In Woodbridge

I am looking for a good pizza place in the woodbridge or edison area. Not some of the doughy nast stuff you can get on any corner, but really good tasty pizza. Nothing fancy with funny meats or weird vegetables. Take out or eat in is ok. Someone once told me about a place that might have been called Scortinos? does anyone know where that is or if it is as good as they say?


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  1. They use to be in Perth Amboy, but now they are in South Amboy. I never saw the the big hoopla was over the place. The sauce taste like they put a pound of sugar in it, and the crust is so-so. I never went back, nor do I have the inkling to ever go there again.

    As far as Woodbridge, good luck. I did have a slice once, which I thought was o.k. at San Remo on Main Street in Woodbridge, but I was l also starving so I really can't help you that much. Sorry :(

    1. Try Strawberries - it's on the left after you go over the TPK on 35 .
      Good pizza and the jalapeno poppers are tasty .

      1. Worth the trip!
        Take a ride up Rt 35, through Sayreville, and stop at
        Coffaro's Pizza 58 Obert Street South River NJ.

        They have been around for 60 years.

        Let the huge, odd shaped slice, slightly cool, it is really wonderful, and unique.

        We had this Pizza and A Peanut Butter Malted from Jersey Freeze for dessert - for us, an excellent dinner last night!

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          Ok, pizza in Woodbridge, Im from Brookly so it took me several years to get used to pizza here BUT: Pizza Time @ Rt 35 & Rt 1 -- V GOOD pizza, "real cheese", not processed non-dairy. San Remo -- ok, theyre expanding after 20 years. Strawberries -- overated bar, has its regulars (im not one of them... LOLbut ok i u are) Villa Gennor's on Rt 27 near Metro Park // GOOD, kinda pricey but always fresh. Nancy's Tavern in Rahway, THIN crust and GOOD. Scortino's still good, in South Amboy now.

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            Scortino's, Nancy, Strawberries.....