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May 29, 2009 08:46 PM

Great Thai Food in Fresno?

I love thai food and have tried a lot of restaurants in Fresno? I am looking of the same tasing food as they used to have in Farmer Market in Downtown Fresno (ie the Rice Bowl) Any suggestions?

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  1. Here are some former discussions on Thai food in Fresno...

    I think you will find that Fresno 'hounds are a bit partial to Thai Royal Orchid (SW corner of Hernodon & First)!!

    ...enjoy and good luck!!

    1. This restaurant is discussed in cocktail queen's third url. But if you don't want to wade through it all, consider Gem of Thailand, Blackstone and Herndon behind Denny's. Th atmosphere isn't as good as Thai Royal Orchid, but we think the food is.

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        I've been eating lunch regularly at these two spots for the last few months - more down home cuisine.

        Thai Kitchen (Krua Thai)
        5104 N West Ave
        Fresno, CA 93711
        (559) 432-1193

        B & K Asian Kitchen - Lao and Thai
        1276 N 1st St
        Fresno, CA 93703
        (559) 237-3918