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May 29, 2009 07:54 PM

Wheelchair friendly eats: Dim Sum?


I was recently disabled and while I can walk like a robot in short distances (it isn't pretty though) with a cane now, it's safer with a wheelchair.

My best friend is coming to NYC in a few weeks. Best friend as in stayed by my bedside while I was in a coma best friend. I want to show her the best time even though she insists she would be just as happy to hang out at home with me.

We both love dim sum (and other places as you'll see in my numerous new posts), but many dim sum places are cramped and frankly the old time CT staff scowl at my chair if I try to enter.

Is there a good place in Manhattan or Queens where a wheelchair can move around easily and still be good enough to proudly take a friend who deserves the best?

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  1. Chinatown Brasserie in Noho has outdoor seating that is pretty spacious, and I think they should be able to accomodate you with advance notice. The service is definitely less "scowl"-y than regular old Chinatown joints. Some don't find the dim sum good and complain that it's expensive, whereas I say that the quality is much higher than other places in Manhattan, and I don't mind the prices as much.

    1. I second Kathryn's recommendation on Chinatown Brasserie. I am sorry to hear about your health condition and I hope you will recover soon.

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        Thank you both! I didn't even know that was up there! I'll give it a try! :)

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          No problem. In case you need the address, it is located at:

          380 Lafayette Street in Manhattan. It's north of Houston..

          Here is their website if you are interested in viewing their menu....:


      2. I have found Red Egg on Centre St. (just north of Canal) very friendly and accomodating, not at all the "toss it at you" service of Chinatown. The dim sum is great, and the festive drinks would be a great way to toast to good health. It is modern with well-spaced tables that I think would make it easy to maneuver with a wheelchair. Not that you are specifically looking for a bargain but the half-price dim sum and drinks from 4-8 PM, Monday through Friday are extra tasty...Wherever you go, enjoy!

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          I am in agreement with respect to Red Egg. It is a spacious restaurant for Downtown Manhattan and the dim sum is of superior quality while staying at a pricepoint just a notch above that of its competitors in Chinatown.

        2. Oriental Garden, on Elizabeth, is excellent, and does not have any steps at the entrance, and the rest rooms are on the same level as the dining room. i scouted it recently for a friend who also needs a wheelchair to go more than a few steps, and while she hasn't been yet, it seemed perfectly suitable.

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            It also is very popular and can get very crowded.

          2. Thank you all for the leads!