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May 29, 2009 07:01 PM

Whats a Lobster Rolls to you?

I love lobster. I love the sweet taste of lobster meat out of the shell stuffed into a warm roll. I love it so very much with some roasted corn, celery and a light dressing. I found my love 15 minutes away at Pony Express (ok, my love for Lobster Rolls satarted in Maine, but that is five hours from home) where they mix lobster meat and soft sweet crab meat and serve it in a toasted hot dog roll for only $11 and thats with a side salad (or fries). After my third one, my wife looked at me and said I was nuts. I said it is just a light and delicious expression of the best the sea has to offer. I am thinking about a trip to Maine, but it is only for Lobster Rolls. Do I go to Maine or back to the Pony? What your favorite Lobster Roll story?

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  1. Sorry,
    I don't like the lobster roll made with other shellfish or WORSE mayo.
    I grew up with the lobster rolls at Jimmie's of Savin Rock. Lobster meat in butter on a grilled Hot dog roll. Unfortunately, I am old enough to remember them at EIGHTY-FIVE CENTS. Now they are prohibitive, and cut with langostino.......

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    1. re: bagelman01

      Yeah I never heard of mixing crab meat into a lobster roll. I would call that a seafood roll. Although I'm used to a tiny dab of mayo, I hate butter on my lobster, whole or roll.

      I usually get my lobster rolls (when I don't make myself) at 3 rolls for $10.99 at my local grocery, and they taste fine, lots of big chunks of Maine lobster, and the price makes them taste even better!

      1. re: coll

        I make my lobster rolls with the lobster meat, a bit of tiny diced celery and a dab of mayo. Put it in a buttered and grilled, top open hot dog roll. Makin my want one right now!

        1. re: coll

          Coll, what is the name of the grocery?


          1. re: Fred19

            Stop and Shop in Riverhead. They always have it, when it's on sale it's $10.99 for 3. Otherwise it's $13.99 for the 3. They sell singles too, around $4? Cheaper than pizza anyway!

      2. If you want a definition of a Lobster Roll, there is a gold standard to start with: Red's in Wiscossett Maine. It is a regular size hotdog roll on a large plate. The meat from a one and a quarter pound lobster covers the roll and there is a side of butter source of mayonaise. No celery, no ground bread; nothing but pure Maine lobster meat.

        We were there about 2:30PM and the line was down to only 30 people. Across the road were two other lobster shacks that had no lines. Somehow, the word of good lobster rolls gets out.


        1. A lobster roll is lobster meat and melted butter on a grilled top-sliced hot dog roll. Period. Anything chilled with mayo and "extenders" is a lobster salad roll. The menu should distinguish which is offered.
          To bagelman01:if Jimmies-down-the Rock is "cutting" it with langostinos without disclosure, I would report the fraud to someone in the New Haven County judicial system who has not been indicted.
          The Glenwood still does the real deal.

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          1. re: Veggo

            Jimmie's has been cutting with Langostinos for more than 15 years, but the menu description is accurate and reflects the blend.

            Glenwood-ok lobster rolls, and hot dogs, vile kraut

          2. i think the rolls need a bit of mayo as a binder along w/ some lemon juice. when i worked at the maine media workshops in rockport last summer, we would make lobster rolls w/ the leftover lobsters (they got theirs from mattinicus too); you know i'd be in the walk in shovin one in my mouth when the opportunity presented itself! but one of the kids in the kitchen worked at the samoset as well, and he would use some mayo, lemon, and maybe a dash of salt & pepper = simple perfection.

            1. I'm with the lobster, butter, hot dog roll contingent. I remember stopping at Abbott's Lobster in the Rough on the way up to visit some friends in Kennebunkport and I realized that there was no reason to buy a whole lobster with drawn butter since you had the best of everything right there -- lobster and butter on a roll and no wrestling with the claws! Soooo good!

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              1. re: roxlet

                Abbott's lobster roll...OMG. :)

                I have nothing against a good cold lobster roll with mayo, but the hot lobster roll with butter kicks its ass.

                1. re: mcsheridan

                  agreed! neptune oyster in boston.

                2. re: roxlet

                  I had them both ways. Cold with mayo and warm with butter. Where do you by them for $10.99???? I have haven't seen prices like that in ages!

                  1. re: winston1

                    Stew Leonard's sells them I think 2 for $9.99 and they are very chunky, not too much mayo or filler.

                  2. re: roxlet

                    I like both Abbott's and the nearby Costello's on Pearl Street in Noank.