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May 29, 2009 06:36 PM

Best Clam Chowder in San Diego

Going to be in San Diego, looking for good boston clam chowder.

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  1. Point Loma Seafoods. Its better than Blue Waters in my opinion.

    Haven't tried the clam chowder at Oceanaire.

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    1. re: stevewag23

      Know a spot for good Manhattan-style?

      1. re: Josh

        Just had the Manhattan at Point Loma Seafoods today.


        I don't really eat a ton of it though so I am far from a Manhattan Style Chowder Aficionado.

        1. re: Josh

          I had a great cup of chowder from the Taco Truck on 30th and University. They give you a cup of broth with your order. I do not know if it had clams, it was the perfect broth, and had a "very seafoody" taste. It was very Manhattan tasting.

          1. re: Josh

            Fishery has good Manhattan style

        2. You may want to try the clam chowder from El Pescador in La Jolla. This is a small fish market that also serves prepared food, including New England/Boston clam chowder. I have had it numerous times, and have never been disappointed. I should also mention that they are fairly inexpensive.

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          1. re: Encinitan

            I'd never tried El Pescador's clam chowder. I did this past weekend, and was underwhelmed. There were a lot of clams in it, but it was way too bland for me. I know you don't want to overspice a clam chowder (masking the clam flavor), but if the clams are somewhat bland tasting, the soup just doesn't cut it in my opinion. It could have been an off day - I will try it again in a month or two to get another data point.

            My sandwich (went with the halibut this time) was excellent as usual, though.

          2. I live downtown and have on multiple occasions over the years bought for takeout the Manhattan style (my favorite be a wide margin over the N.E.) chowder from Blue Water, the Fish Market and Pt. Loma Seafoods. Pt. Loma's is consistently the best, which is not to say the other two aren't good too.

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            1. re: mcgrath

              Yeah I've never understood how New England-style because the default version in so many places.

              1. re: Josh

                If you do some research, you'll probably find that salt pork & cream based chowders, fish and clam from NE, have been around longer than the red version. I think it's a preference of taste and style.

            2. Fish Market Downtown has really good chowder and would you believe that Anthony's has good Manhattan chowder..
              Point Loma Seafood, Crab Catcher and El Pescador are yummy too..
              Nothing like Boston Clam Chowder in Boston!

              1. Beach Grass Cafe in Solana Beach

                The best chowder. Yum!

                Probably not at all where you are going to be, but wanted to give it a mention

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                1. re: Enorah

                  what about the chowder at Pelly's in Carlsbad any good?