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May 29, 2009 05:50 PM

Sakaya Sake Store

Just noticed Sakaya, a gorgeous little sake only retail store on east 9th a few doors past Veselka. Very knowledgeable staff, huge selection, free sake tastings. Got me a bottle of Wakatake Daiginjo Onikoroshi ("Demon Killer"), my fave.

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  1. They've been open about a year. You can sign up for an email newsletter where they inform you about frequent free tastings for seasonal brews. The tastings are usually weekend afternoons. They also have a modest shochu selection.

    1. Gutter, glad that you've found Sakaya, very good shop set up by a passionate and knowledgeable American/Japanese husband + wife team, I wish it had been there when I was living in NYC. Their range of sakes is ever-increasing.

      NYC friends were telling me about 2 recently opened places: Japan Premium Beef on Gt Jones St and the Japanese Culinary Center on E45th St, have you checked either of them out so far?

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        Oonth-always glad to see you. I am now a contributing writer to and my editor bought me a couple of NY strips and a ribeye from Japan Premium Beef. They were American Kobe (very expensive) and Mrs. GG cooked them perfectly in their own fat. As they say in NY (imagine Brooklyn accent),"they were like buttah!"

      2. Sakaya is a great place, and I think it's one of only a handful of sake-only retail stores in the entire country. And for a bit of trivia: co-owner Rick Smith used to be the publisher of Food&Wine magazine.