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May 29, 2009 05:48 PM

What happened to Opie's BBQ in Spicewood???

Ok, first Buster's and now Opie's? What is going on here? I'm very confused and highly concerned. Are we tracking towards a hill country without BBQ???

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  1. It was open last Sunday. You realize it moved last year, right?

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      Yeah, Opie's was open last week. They moved into a big new storage shed just behind their old building, so they no longer face the highway.

      1. re: angusb

        Oops! My recollection was backwards. I just returned from having lunch at Opie's earlier today, and I had the two spots mixed up. The new Opie's is in a big new corrugated metal building that does front on Hwy 71, while the old one faced the side street. I enjoyed the brisket and sausage. I only wish it had been Sunday or Friday, because those are the only days they offer their delicious (and free!) butter beans. I also enjoyed the cheesy tater tot casserole, even though I don't often enjoy that type of church-social dish--this one was creamy and crispy and very tasty.