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May 29, 2009 05:41 PM

Brattleboro: Best Business Lunch?

I've never been to Brattleboro before, but I need advice on the best place for a relatively nice/fancy place for a business lunch. Price is not an issue.

I see some nice places online, but dinner only. What is *the* place to go to impress someone for a business lunch? (Good service, wine, ambience, food, etc.)

Thank you!

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  1. I live in Brattleboro and I can not think of any place that is what you described for lunch. While I have never eaten at Adagio's they do have a bar so that may be one of the few choices.

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    1. re: littlej

      I have eaten at Adagio's for lunch but wouldn't consider it a place to take someone you are trying to impress. They serve wraps and sandwiches...

    2. You may have to travel a few miles up 91 to the Putney Inn to get what you are looking for.

      1. Brattleboro is a most interesting and unusual place, but there isn't much fancy about it. It's gritty, and stuck in a timewarp where a lot of the residents still think it's 1967, and hippie-chic abounds.

        If you're looking for something very nice and close by, the Chesterfield Inn just a couple miles across the river from Exit 3, on Route 9 in NH is the ticket.

        1. Actually, I amend my answer and recommend The New England House for lunch. They are closed Monday and Tues (I think), but are definitely open for lunch and I've had good food there in the past. Haven't been there in the last 2 years, but same owners, so most likely same food.

          I also strongly disagree with SOT's depiction of Brattleboro. Spend a little more time there and you won't just see the boho (wannabe) kids. There is quite a diverse population and nary a hippie in sight. Unless your idea of 1967 is anyone iwth long hair and/or beards.

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          1. re: Bri

            I don;t think The New England House is open for lunch anymore. Last time I drove by the sign said open at 4:00PM.
            Unless they are changing now that summer may finally come to VT!
            SOT doesn't seem to know Brattleboro very well.

            1. re: RichK

              Yeah, you're right, living in Brattleboro for 25 years as I did, and I just don't know Brattleboro very well at all. LOL!

              I do know this: there are some interesting restaurants in Brattleboro from a culinary standpoint, but applying the word "fancy" to them as the O.P. asks will likely result in disappointment.

              1. re: signothetimes53

                Depends which years you lived in Brattleboro1
                Peter Haven's can stand with the best restaurant in the area.
                No need to denigrate the whole town because of your opinion.

                1. re: RichK

                  My comments about Brattleboro are "denigration" only if you perceive them as such. I firmly believe that Brattleboro is a destination of choice for many tourists precisely *because of* (not in spite of) its "hippie" vibes.

                  That Brattleboro's dining choices have routinely avoided "upscale" trappings in favor of the affordable, folksy dining ambiance that predominates in most places in town is again part of its charm. That charm, however, is most assuredly NOT every person's cup of tea. The better informed a visitor who has never been to Brattleboro is, the more likely they will enjoy their visit. "Common Ground" restaurant was established long ago for a reason.

                  1. re: signothetimes53

                    And the Common Ground has closed and opened and closed because their clientele are no longer here.
                    The "hippie vibe" is long gone from Brtalleboro.

                    1. re: RichK

                      <<The "hippie vibe" is long gone from Brtalleboro.>>

                      That may the fondest wish of the local Chamber of Commerce types, but Brattleboro looks distinctly different from almost any place most folks have ever visited. When was the last time anyone here traveled to, let's say, the midwest, and encountered a community that looked like Brattleboro?

                      Type "Brattleboro hippies" at google, and more than 6,000 such references immediately pop up. Perhaps "hippie vibe" means something different to you than it does to me. And sure, "Common Ground" restaurant is gone, but its spirit lives on in any number of pubs bars and restaurants in and around Brattleboro.

                      My original post said very clearly that Brattleboro is a "most interesting and unusual place". Rather than fight the vibe, why not embrace it?

              2. re: RichK

                Can't seem to access their website (, but the preview said lunch Wed-Sat 11:30am, etc. Could definitely be old news though...

            2. Thanks for the suggestions so far!

              Hmm, ok, so from what I understand, all the nicest places are open only for dinner, and lunch is very casual. So cancel my plans for the linen tablecloth and sommelier.

              So let me redefine it a little: What is the best place for lunch in Brattleboro, with the following criteria:
              - Has (pretty good or above) table service
              - Not a chain
              - Nice ambience (outdoor seating maybe?)

              And a couple "nice to have" features:
              - Something on the menu besides sandwiches
              - Serves wine

              I'm hoping for something like a small, cool cafe, or something like that. If any of you are familiar with Shelburne Falls, MA, I like a place like Cafe Martin. Not fancy, but cute inside, decent food, wines by the glass, etc.

              Thanks again for the advice!!

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              1. re: johnblacksox

                It's not a cafe but A Single Pebble now serves lunch and the food is amazing! It's not your run of the mill Chines food by any means.


                1. re: fillyfilet

                  He's looking for a place in Brattleboro not Burlington!

                    1. re: johnblacksox

                      You will definitely find those things in Putney, either at the Putney Inn or the Front Porch Cafe, but not in Brattleboro unless the New England House is open for lunch.

                      I love Gillie's for seafood, but definitely a family-style eatery. Amy's Bakery Arts Cafe seems to have yummy lunch and dessert stuff but no wine and no table service. Adagio is wraps and sandwiches and some mediocre pasta, but definitely has wine.

                      Yea, upscale lunch is really non-existent in Bratt.

                      1. re: Bri

                        Alici's Bistro just reopened last night and they are going to start being open for lunch. So that may be what you are looking for.