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Where to buy delicious mango mousse cake?

Can anyone recommend a place to buy mango mousse cake in Toronto/GTA? In particular I'm looking for the kinds similar to the ones found in Asian bakeries (strong fruit flavor and not too sweet or overload with sugar). Thanks!

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  1. Well, if you like the ones found in Asian bakeries, there is a Queen's Patisserie in Chinatown.

    Queen's Patisserie
    442 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M5T, CA

    1. Maxim's near FInch and Leslie has it. I used to eat it all the time, then switched to the meringue now.

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        Agree with Maxim! Queen's not as good.

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          They both taste good but Maxim is better in presentation, Queen is better in price if my memory right.

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            Maxim (on Finch) has very good mango mousse cake. It is a simple and light, never disappoints. I used to go there regularly for cakes. After the renovation/move, the prices have risen quite a bit. The quality is still there but I just stop going there for cakes.

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              Dessert Lady in yorkville does a delicious mango mousse/coconut mousse cake or mango/chocolate mousse cake.

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                second dessert lady. i got an amazing mango and pistachio mouuses cake from her.

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                  Oooh, this is good to know! I have never noticed her mango mousse cakes but I do like some of her other stuff. My Mom loves mango mousse cake so maybe I'll surprise her with one, one day.

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                    and a delicious mango strawberry mousse!!! yummmm...

              1. Thanks everyone! Sounds like quite a few choices there. I am tempted to try them all...

                1. Try Costco. I bought one last week at the Costco in Scarborough off Warden Ave. It was very good and not too sweet and full of mango flavor.

                  1. Not sure if you're willing to travel to Richmond Hill. But there's a small Chinese bakery named Dong Dong at Hwy 7 and West Beaver Creek. Price is good too :)

                    1. Another vote for Maxim's :)