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May 29, 2009 03:19 PM

Marysville, WA Area Dining Prospects (within thirty minutes)?

I have been researching this till my eyes are blurry. I have created a Google map with places of interest:
The deal is, I have a relative that loves Indian, Chinese, Thai and Mexican. Dang, he will eat almost anything, really! He is not able to travel a long way so I was trying to find places within about thirty minutes drive or less from Marysville.
He knows good food, but might opt for the value as much as the quality. We will be visiting him so this is also self-serving!
Please tell me if I have any crap on my map! Thanks!
PS: He's also been trying to find Edam cheese in the area. I can't find any in Seattle!

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  1. I notice you have two things listed in Bellingham, which is definitely going to be more than a half hour from Marysville... Also it's probably not worth it to head all the way up there since there are other better places down south.

    I can vouch for Ka Won - good food, service kind of spotty though.

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      Thanks for the reply. I have added some POI (points of interest), for SO and I when we visit. Also, we have property in BC so there is the likelihood that we would drive north (or farther), at some point.

    2. The absolute best Thai within your criteria, is Zab Thai, on Hwy 99 and 112th St. Sw. Great food, great wait staff, nice decorations, and even a piano player who plays on some nights. I have had so many dishes, its difficult to tell what is best but try it and let us know what your thoughts are.
      Mexican I like El Paraiso on Colby Ave in downtown Everett. Homemade tortillas, good Mexican American.
      Another Everett recommendation is Marimba on Hewitt by Rucker. They advertise as South American- Carribean, and have great food, inconsistent waitstaff. They can be slow but it is worth the wait. We feel as if it is a restaurant that could be in Seattle ;) and we have it here in little Everett.
      Edam cheese, you can get at any Trader Joes.

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      1. re: elainelena

        Thanks for the great suggestions!
        I have always enjoyed the food when in Seattle and SO enjoyed Alligator Soul (Everett) when she was there last, by herself. I am doing this research in a very self-serving way, since her relative doesn't get out that much and doesn't do the research. I've suggested he become a Chowhound. He keeps wanting to go to the same old places, like Arnies. I did not even know Anthony's Homeport existed. Is it better than Arnie's?

        Cheese: Relative says he can find the little pieces but wants an Edam "ball" (to hollow out). He can't find that. I haven't asked him if he's tried Trader Joe's.

      2. About 15 miles north of Marysville in Arlington is Bistro San Martin, which bills itself as "world inspired regional cuisine". I have had one of the best meals in recent memory there, and will be returning next month. (I reside in the Seattle area). A definite waypoint on my gastro-GPS.

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          A big thumbs up for Bistro San Martin. I especially like the mushroom puff pastry starter and the duck. It is surprisingly difficult to find good duck in this area, so I usually just make it at home.

        2. Lynnwood is at the south end of that 30 min radius, so threads on places like Szechuan 99 and HMart may be of interest.

          1. What the heck is La Hacienda doing on there? The have gone seriously downhill.

            Quality of Neapolis in Lake Stevens is better than the Marysville location.

            Beijing Garden on Rucker is well done. Chef/ owner is from Beijing.

            Yeh Yeh's 200th and 99. Best Bahn Mi in the Metropolis.

            San Fernandos Roasted Chicken, 208th and 99. Peruvian Street food. Seriously.

            Boon dockers sucks. The owner is a jerk.

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            1. re: wallyz

              Hey, I'm just grabbing things off Chowhound, Yelp, etc. and asking you what you think. I appreciate the feedback!
              I just had a chance to review those places on my map with the visiting relative and some he knew and many he didn't. Funny, he said the owner of Boondockers was a jerk!
              I also only put the Lake Stevens location for Neapolis on there. He said he liked it and Mae Phim was a place he ate at regularly.
              He said Arnie's and Anthony's Homeport were similar and about equal, but with different offerings. His favorite Indian place is Saffron Grill, in Seattle.