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May 29, 2009 03:03 PM

Saturday Lunch Tampa area - Help!

Hi! I was wondering if anyone could recommend a restaurant with EXCELLENT food which serves lunch on Saturdays. Many of the nice places in the Tampa area do not have Saturday lunch hours :( I'm looking for great atmosphere, delicious food, and no chains. The only two I've seen so far are Restaurant BT and Pelagia, and I know next to nothing about either of them (except what's on their websites). Please help! :) Thanks!

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  1. Try Aquaknox in the new Westin on the Courtney Campbell (I was there for dinner earlier in the week, and it was great), or Ocean Prime at International Plaza (have res for this Saturday, heard only good things). OK, both are part of small chains, but they are excellent, and a far cry from, say, Olive Garden! (Ocean Prime may be tough to get into on such short notice, it's new and it's hot.)

    1. Restaurant BT is wonderful. I had a great lunch experience there recently. Pane Rustica on Macdill is also fantastic for artisanal flatbread pizza and gourmet sandwiches and I think they are open Saturdays for lunch. Byblos, also on Macdill may be open for lunch then as well. I haven't been there but they have a web site with a menu listing and serve Middle Eastern fare.

      1. I asked the same question a few months ago for a business lunch, got a couple of recommendations for Mitchell's Seafood House at Westshore Plaza Shopping Center. I've been back at least once a month since - excellent seafood.

        1. J.Alexanders on Dale Mabry is part of a small chain but GREAT food, always consistant and a nice vibrant atmosphere. Ocean Prime and Pelagia are always good choices also.

          1. I agree w Pane Rustica, they are good. Pelagia isnt bad either, but I disagree w Byblos, tastes like doo doo.

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            1. re: TampaNativeThatLovesNYC

              What a strong comment! I happen to love Byblos or did last time I went about a year and a half ago. I have been frequenting their more laid back Byblos Pita in North Tampa about once a week since they opened. It's much more friendly on my wallet and I think I might be addicted to their tabbouleh.

              1. re: TampaAurora

                I agree....Byblos has long been one of those places I make sure to check out from time to time. I've had less than perfect experiences there to be sure but the food is always great.

                To say that you don't like something or that something was actually poorly prepared is one call it "doo-doo" is clearly ridiculous.

              2. re: TampaNativeThatLovesNYC

                I strongly urge you to edit your comment. You lower the tenor of the board with silly language like that, plus you cast discredit on the other opinions you post.

                I love Byblos. In my experience, food and service have been consistently excellent.

                1. re: Miss E

                  I wasn't going to be the first to speak up, but this isn't the first comment from said poster that I found, well, a bit dramatic and from a poster that I learned to ignore (but if I were a restaurant owner and saw this, I'd react in a different way).

                  Can't say that Byblos is the first place I seek out, but have eaten there three times and it was all good.