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May 29, 2009 02:41 PM

Report: St James Cheese Tasting

OK, I'm a cheesehead, and not the football kind. I love St James on Prytania even if I don't get there often enough. So, you can imagine my delight when I learned that on Fridays (7pmish) they do free cheese tastings. Well, my boy & I popped in a few weeks ago to check it out, and we were surprised to find we were the only ones there for it (they don't really advertise it much, I guess). We bought a bottle of wine on recommendation (not marked up by much, thank you!) , took a seat on the patio amid the foliage, and had our own personal cheese presentation! Pecorinos were the cheese of the day, and we were given four healthy slices of different (very different) Pecorinos and a thorough explanation of origin, production, terroir, history and everything you could think of. We asked questions and nibbled on each, finding some that we loved and some that we didn't, alll part of the cheese exploration process! It was lovely. Just lovely. Oh, St James, you might be my new patron saint! Bless you, I will be back!

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  1. Sounds like fun, Molly. Thanks for the head's up!

    1. 3 words for all cheese lovers: Delice de Bourgogne - OMG! Danielle & Richard @ St. James turned me on to this and if there ever was a time to use this phrase, this is it: "It's like buttah!" OMG!

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        You are soooooooooo right; discovered this on Clever's cheese plate one night, ruined me for even fabulous Brie forever. Try it with the insanely delicious (and pricey) little cranberry-nut crackers (brand: a woman's name I can't recall) available at Whole Foods.

      2. I grabbed a sandwich at St. James recently on a very, very rare weekday afternoon off. I was really excited to finally be trying the lunch offerings there, and chose one of the specials, which featured prosciutto, cheese and sprouts on a grilled baguette. Am sad to report that the sandwich left me feeling sick. The cheese itself had a really earthy, grassy taste that, with the prosciutto, added up to wayyy, wayyy too much umami and salt--and I love salt. It was just too much. I didn't eat anything for about 24 hours afterwards, I just drank lots of water. I'll go back, but I sure won't try that special again.