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May 29, 2009 02:36 PM

Drinks and the theater district

Hi...going out with some girlfriends to a play and need to have some drinks afterwards....we'll be killing time before a surprise party for one of the girls.....any suggestions???? she likes champagne, we like wine and cocktails....i'm looking for something cool without a scene....midrange price....thanks.

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  1. My favorite places happen to mainly cater to one or the other re cocktails/wine, but if one group is willing to compromise check out these:
    Riposo 46 (wine bar), Casselula (wine and cheese bar), Kyotofu (sake, plum wine, saketinis)
    Have heard that Vintage is solid but have never been myself; it's in the low to mid 50s on 9th

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      thank you so much....will run it by the other ladies