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May 29, 2009 02:30 PM


We are going to Vermont next month- staying in Addison (close to Middlebury and Vergennes). Any recommendations on what to eat?

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  1. What sorts of foods do you prefer? Do you have a price range? How long will you be in the area? Where are you coming from?

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      If you want an experience, have pizza at Pizza on Earth in Charlotte. See their website because they are only open a couple days a week and you will need good directions. It's a little pizza place on a farm with a couple of picnic tables in the yard. Wonderful drive to get there. I'm not sure I agree that it's the best Pizza on earth but it comes close and the atmosphere is plesantly unusual.

    2. For a delicious, high-end meal, go to Starry Night Cafe on Route 7 in Ferrisburgh. Also, Black Sheep Bistro in downtown Vergennes.

      1. Black Sheep Bistro for sure. Also a sister restaurant in Shelbourne, The Bearded Frog. For chinese A Single Pebble in Burlington. There is also Basin Harbor.

        1. I forgot Mary's Restaurant at Baldwin Creek. Excellent up scale dining. Had several great experiences there.

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            These are great suggestions so far. We are coming from NY and will be in VT for 5 days. I definitely want to try Black Sheep Bistro and maybe one other night we will go somewhere for a more expensive dinner but for the rest of the meals a more moderate price. I'm also interested in a healthy and delicious sandwich place for picnic lunches. Anyone know of a place?

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              Ferrisburgh Bakery & Deli on Route 7 has delicious sandwiches -- how healthy depends on what you choose to put on them, but there is a wide variety.

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                The Little Garden market on the Ferry Road in Charlotte has a nice selection for lunch (salads, grilled vegetables, pulled pork, etc.). Harrington's in Shelburne makes great turkey and ham sandwiches. Shelburne Farms would be a great plae to have your picnic on a nice day (plus they have a great bakery and cheese making facility (bring your own wine......).

                1. re: TonyO

                  Shelburne farms has a little snack stand too that serves good grilled cheese sandwiches with their on-site O Bread and cheddar, among other menu items. Or we'll stop at Bistro Sauce nearby for a more substantial lunch (excellent before a trip to Shelburne Museum as their cafe seems pretty basic).

                2. re: tomatoe

                  3 Squares Cafe is new name -used to go there for healthy-type food, hope is unchanged. Agree with all of above espec Black Sheep, Mary's. Burlington has many, many places. Three Squares Cafe is a new name for place in middle of dowtown Vergennes where we would stop coming/ going from NJ that had healthy type of food that was pretty good. For a great but unhealthy experience, go west from Addison to the Lake and find Goodies Snack Bar on route 17. $.85 for a "baby" portion of soft serve that is huge (and good), lots of grilled food, Michigans (hot dogs with chile), and even poitin (fries with gravy and cheese). Cheap, decent, an experience. There ice cream dishes are amazing.

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                    I just ate at 3 Squares over the Thanksgiving week. It was great! My dinner special of braised pork tenderloin was perfectly tender and flavorful. The breakfast scone was feather light and tasty, a perfect accompaniment to the lovely coffee. It's not a formal dining experience, but a great place for a good meal. They have a children's menu, too, and my girls enjoyed their burger and grilled cheese, sized just-right for them.

              2. Also - the Farmer's Diner in Middlebury; the A&W Rootbeer stand; for sandwiches in Burlington, the Four Corners of the Earth deli on Pine Street, not quick, but really fun and creative