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May 29, 2009 02:18 PM

Fine Dining in LBI, NJ?

My mother's 80th birthday is coming up at the end of June and our family is throwing a dinner party for her. We wanted to take her to The Gables in LBI, but they were unable to accommodate us on our date. We have a party of about 20 people, we want to get a private dining room or patio and have amazing food. Does anyone have any recommendations in or near Long Beach Island?

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  1. I have never been but respected, veteran, chowhounds have recommended Plantations, in LBI.

    The website says they can arrange private parties.
    In addition, if you search, there are some other threads on LBI from the past few years that may offer insight.
    Best of Luck!

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    1. re: shabbystorm

      I have been to Plantation and I think the food is very good. Excellent choice.

      Don't know if you are interested, but Daddy O's also have some pretty good food.

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        I will also recommend Plantation. Their specials are always interesting and their rum bar rocks.

      2. Jersey, if Italian is a possibility, La Spiaggia is a fine choice. Not your typical red sauce joint.

        Enjoy and let us know where you went.

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          I'm with Tom on this one. La Spiaggia would be my choice if you want to stay on the island. I've been to Daddy O's many times along with Plantation (same owners of both places). I think the food is decent, but would never call either place exceptional (though the lobster bisque at Daddy O's is excellent). Amazing food is hard to find on LBI, and I think the Gables and La Spiaggia are both excellent. (IMO).
          One other suggestion if you are willing to go off the island is Il Giardino in Forked River. They do have private rooms for parties. I would say the food is very good Italian, solidly prepared and consistent. It would not be food as innovative as The Gables, however. They have nice water views along the Forked River on one side of the restaurant. We've been there numerous times and everyone in our family likes this restaurant. The atmosphere is upscale casual, and the dining rooms are nicely decorated. The owners of Il Giardino also own another restaurant in Brick.

        2. Antoinetta's at Pirates Point Marina in Eagleswood is only a few minutes off the island. Upscale food, beautiful bay views, and they do accommodate larger gatherings. Check out the website

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          1. re: diablo

            I was going to suggest Antoinetta's, but I hesitated after hearing a few complaints about the service there. I had 2 excellent meals there, and the views are absolutely beautiful. Maybe they've gotten their service issue under better control. No complaints about the food, however.

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              Thanks for all the suggestions! My sister-in-law thought that Antoinetta's would be good as well. Maybe their service will be better with a private party?? I was wondering whether Plantation would be good since I read a few reviews that said it was noisy. I'll also check out La Spaiggia and Il Giardino.
              Thanks so much everyone!