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May 29, 2009 01:51 PM

Affordable restaurants for an 18yro and Dad

I'm taking my son to New Orleans on a road trip in 2 weeks. He's never been there, and he's always wanted to go. What are the names of some decent, affordable restaurants down Canal St, the French Quarter and by the river.

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  1. Down Canal there is Mandina's which is Creole/Italian, and Beach Corner Lounge with great hamburgers. Mandina's is fabulous for lunch and dinner. I would tend to steer you away from the riverfront, but in the FQ you could try Coops, Napoleon House, Central Grocery (Muffalettas that you take the riverfront and eat) and Clover Grill. On the outskirts of the Quarter on Esplanade there is Port of Call. Great burgers as well, but expect a wait. What a great idea! Good luck.

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      Gotta get to POC when they open to avoid the wait. Late afternoon, 4-5 isn't bad either.

    2. If you're willing to walk as far as Port of Call, it's just a few steps further into the Marigny (the next neighborhood over from the FQ). There are lots of options there too, including decent thai, the more upscale Marigny Brasserie, and a number of haunts along Frenchman street that are just decent in terms of food, but are perfectly situated if you want a quick meal in a less touristy, very music-focused location.

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        Try Luke on St. charles.Good food at a good price with a German French,andNew Orleans influence

      2. Though not exactly within your stated parameters, Jacquimos on Oak Street in the Riverbend area is a fun place for kids and adults.

        Also in the Riverbend is the Maple Street Cafe

        and the Camellia Grill

        Along St. Charles Avenue, there is Superior Grill

        Have a great time with your son.

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          The best kept secret in town I think is that there are lunch dishes for under $20 at Commander's Palace. (And lunch-time martinis for I think 50 cents). If you want to bring some nice clothes and have a meal that is waaaaaay more refined than the bill will suggest I'd DEFINITELY recommend that.

          Also, Remoulade is the cheap restaurant version of Arnaud's on Bourbon that (I think) shares the same kitchen. It's great.

          Oh and here's one to avoid: Pere Antoine's. Horrible.

          1. re: kukubura

            Martinis are $0.25 during the week at Commander's with a lunch entree. If your bar bill is a $1, you're going to need to take a cab. They have relaxed their dress code. ..still no shorts, but the men no longer need a jacket. A nice pair of khakis and a collared shirt will be fine.

        2. Just outside of the City, in old Jefferson Parish, is the Rivershack at River Road and Shrewesbury Road. It is a beautiful old restored grocery with some fantastic food. Your son will love it!

          1. Will y'all have a car or will you be relying on public transportation?