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May 29, 2009 01:32 PM

Quartier Perse- a pleasant surprise

A few weeks ago friends of mine were raving about a relatively new Persian restaurant in Montreal. Since I love trying new places and never had Persian food I decided to give it a try. It was a cross between Turkish/ Israeli and Lebanese food. The food was excellent!!! it was also very affordable $ to $$ and they offer great value for your money. The Menu is rather large and had a lot to chose from.
I wanted to take my boyfriend out to dinner alone for his birthday.I went knowing we were going to order the Table D'hote although I will definitely go back and try other things.

The Table D'hote was very nice! $ 4O per couple which is great!!!

Appetizers: Soup Or Salad ---- We each took the soup which was some sort of Persian soup I never tried but reminded me of Bean and Barley with spinach. I think they change this often though...

We ordered an eggplant dip that was quite different. More like a Tapenade. I am used to Lebanese and Romanian eggplant Salads. This seemed more Moroccan style eggplant.

With the table dhote comes a large platter of different meats for two people. The platter is served with grilled Vegetables and a bed of Basmati rice. Meats consist of Kafta Kabob, Filet Mignon, Lamb and Chicken. Each grilled with its own unique flavor.

Tea and Baklava are included!

The service was also wonderful! the waiter was a really sweet older man who kept offering me more soup and rice and assuring me no charge. He was kinda funny.

I was nearby early in the afternoon before I went so I decided to go in and make a reservation. I told them I would be coming with my boyfriend and maybe they could put a little candle in a piece of Baklava. They were very nice and said don't worry I will take care of you.

When I arrived at the restaurant the person I had spoken to was not there so I just forgot about the candle. The waiter brought us the dessert and we got our bill... When we were about to leave I guess the owner came back and asked the waiter if we got the dessert with a candle for the mans birthday... the waiter rushed out with baklava and a candle and was joking mad "why didn't you tell me it was his birthday"? he felt so bad. We didn't care and we thought it was very nice of him to still bring it.

The restaurant was very authentic and for once didnt seem "Americanized" with the decor consisting of traditional Persian crafts and Persian music playing in the background. This made for a great Ambiance.

The restaurant is rather quaint located right next to the Ville Marie Metro. A pleasant hidden gem in Montreal. I highly recommend trying this place. It was a nice experience and something different.

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  1. it's not that new, and i think it's fairly wellknown...and if it's not, well then, it should be!
    you're right, it's great food for good prices.

    another review is here:

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    1. re: kimberleyblue

      It was really good! Do you know when it opened? I never knew about it till recently. I remember there was a french restaurant there. I sometimes go to Lesvos next door but I guess I never looked. I hope they do well because the food and service were top

      1. re: Alyson777

        It's been there quite a while - early 2000's maybe? Before that, it was another Persian restaurant, called (strangely) Cookie, also pretty good.

        1. re: kpzoo

          Yes, it has been there for a while... I went there too about 4-5 years ago with my boyfriend at the time, and had really enjoyed. I just remember that we had a yogourt-y entrée that I quite liked.
          Thank you for reminding me of the place, I'll definetely give it another visit.

    2. Do they offer any mains other than kebabs? It seems that every Persian place in town that isn't Byblos only offer that same plate of rice with grilled tomato and onion and your choice of 3 or 4 kebabs.

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      1. re: SnackHappy

        This place serves other grilled vegetables too like grilled peppers and zuccini. They also have different kinds of stews. They have vegetarian options. The menu is rather large and has alot to chose from. Not just brochettes.

        I really thought there was a french restaurant before in this same spot with a yellow awning?

        1. re: Alyson777

          Are you maybe thinking of Passe-Partout, which was a bit further down Decarie? It's the only French restaurant I can remember in that strip, where I lived for 8 years. But maybe the French resto was before my time or my memory is just worse than I thought. ;-)

          1. re: kpzoo

            I don't know I'm pretty positive this place had a yellow awning before...maybe I'm wrong about the cuisine... But the sign was definately yellow.

            1. re: Alyson777

              I think Cookie had a yellow & blue awning, but it was also Persian, despite the weird name. :-)

          2. re: Alyson777

            Alyson777 - I'm impresed not only with the number of your posts but your knowledge of all types of Montreal restaurants. Do you have one of those NYC apartments without a usable kitchen which forces you to eat out all the time? I've also seen your posts on the Florida boards. You may have already explained this, but I must have missed it. What's the story? In any event, keep it coming.

            1. re: davyboy

              Haha no I don't eat out everyday...when I do I like to try different places. Cooking is a passion of mine and I try and make new interesting dishes. Sometimes I try dfferent cuisines to get ideas. I usually alter recipes but restaurants and cookbooks give me great ideas. I prefer my own cooking and cooking for large dinner parties. If I wasn't. Stuck in my job I would want my own rest or catering company.

              As for the florida responses l have a place down in Miami and I like trying new places when I'm down. I have my favrites though.

        2. The soup was probably ash-reshteh.