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May 29, 2009 12:56 PM

Retail oysters for home shucking - ideally in Concord/Acton area, but up to 1 hr away ok

I'm planning on getting a big cooler-full of oysters for saturday dinner at home in the Acton/Concord area, and need to find a good place to get them in the neighborhood or a reasonable distance. I'd be willing to travel a bit further for greater quality, wider variety, and/or lower price. Hounds - help!

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  1. Captain Mardens in Wellesley.

    1. Concord Prime & Fish:

      They own Sunny's Seafood, one of thew more reputable wholesalers. Also, they have the best beef and pork anywhere. Too bad they're nowhere near me.

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        Thanks, Cassoulady and Almansa! I've called Marden's (I've known them for many years and they're terrific) and Concord Prime (didn't know about that place - what a find!). Both were very accommodating and offered me $1.25 for a quantity of 100 (slightly discounted from their $1.50 retail price). Varieties will depend on what's in their wholesaler's inventory in the morning. Does anyone know another place that might beat those rates while offering similar quality?

        1. re: gabe_h

          Twin Seafood in Concord is worth checking out. I haven't been there in a few years but their prices were always pretty reasonable, especially for Concord.

          1. re: spicypadthai

            Definitely better on price, although not on quantity. $9.99/dozen and can do about 50-60.

            1. re: gabe_h

              There's also a wide price range for oysters. What you want will wholesale for about 70 cents, and in my experience, you get what you pay for.

        2. re: almansa

          Second Concord Prime & Fish. i've been buying fish from the family for years and they have incredible quality. Mike has a passion for high quality and will talk for hours about foods, sustainability, where sourced, etc.

          With a day or 2 notice, they should be able to get you any variety of oysters at a fair price directly off the Fish Pier..and trucked to their Concord store.

          Your other option is to go directly to Cape Cod Shellfish on the Fish Pier; but you'll spend more time and gas than what you might save by going through Concord Prime and Cape Cod is not overly "user friendly" and you'll be limited to what they have when you go there; in the early AM.

        3. Quarterdeck Seafood in Maynard should be able to help you out. Where is Concord Prime?

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          1. re: trufflehound

            Well, bought out all of the stock at Twin and will hit Concord Prime & Fish tomorrow, so we'll have a good comparison on our hands here. Thanks to all for great feedback!

            1. re: gabe_h

              I think my invitation got lost in the mail!!!!

              1. re: trufflehound

                There is another Quarterdeck location in Concord across from the Verril Farm.

                1. re: robertlf

                  That location has been closed for quite a while.

                  1. re: skippy66

                    Just reporting back. The Wellfleets from Twin at $10/doz and the Matinucks from Concord Prime & Fish at $18/dozen were both excellent. The Matinucks were much cleaner and not one of them was spoiled. That said, only about 3% of the Wellfleets were DOA, and they were easy to spot (plus, Twin was less careful than they would be with a specific number, since I said "gimme all of 'em" and they didn't charge me for the last ten oysters since they didn't add to a full dozen). All told, both were great. Thanks to everyone for terrific advice!