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May 29, 2009 12:44 PM

muffaletta - italian store??

I've heard they do a muff - can anyone reccommend them?? their other stuff is great!!

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  1. The muffaletta at the Italian Store looks great, but I can't get past the Capri. So I may never know how good they are.

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    1. re: flavrmeistr

      I agree, it's hard to beat the Capri. It's a little out of my way, so I haven't had one in ages; now you've got me wanting one. Never having been to New Orleans, I can't speak to their authenticity, but the Muffalettas are good too; they always use good quality ingredients.

      1. re: Henry Spencer

        I agree with both previous posters, the Capri is excellent, especially with a little extra hot pepper, and the Roma is excellent as well, with the prosciutto giving it a different kind of flavor than I am used to in a sub.
        Unfortunately, when I have gone deeper into the menu, my results haven't been very good. The pizza by the slice is mushy and doesn't complement the pepperoni very well. The Traditional is a bit underpowered. And my solitary experience with a muffaleta has been rather poor, burned flavor, but no char on the bread, mushy, not so tasty with an odd aftertaste. I have to admit that I have only had one muffaleta and would love to find that it was a one off. And it is a big handful of a sandwich, I may go back to try it again, but I will split it with a friend.

    2. Where is this Italian store? Is that it's name??

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      1. re: Sean D

        I had one there years ago and I remember it being very good.

        The Italian Store
        3123 Lee Hwy
        Arlington, Virginia 22201-4207
        Phone: (703) 528-6266

        1. re: comestibles

          That's the one - Sean D - I'm amazed you haven't been there. Staple. But - don't go around dinner or lunch expecting to eat anytime soon. PIzza is also rec'd highly, and by me as well. Still, overall I do prefer The Deli in Herndon to Italian Store.

          1. re: Dennis S

            Yeah...this sounds good. Definitely worth an expedition to Arlington.

      2. It isn't as good as one from NOLA, like the Central Grocery, I am not sure exactly what is different, maybe the olive salad their is a little more soupy, but they have good olive salad and the bread is pretty close if you go on the right day when they aren't out. I recommend trying it, but I am not a huge fan of the capri, I like the Napoli better, and I can easily pass on their pizza it just isn't my style of pizza.

        1. I've had muffalettas at Central and Napoleons in NO. The one at Italian Store is a good facsimile, but not like what you'd find in New Orleans. It's a combination of the bread (which is impossible to find outside Louisiana; most places use foccaccia, which is too oily/greasy) and the olive salad is mostly just olives and italian herbs. The olive salad on Central Grocer/Napoleans muffalettas includes green pepper, celery, carrots, and cauliflower. The Italian Store muffaletta is not authentic but still much better than some of the other muffalettas I've tried around DC. I've come to the conclusion that, like italian beef and loose meat sandwiches, muffalettas aren't something you're likely to find around here.