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May 29, 2009 12:36 PM

where can I find a metal rib rack for my BBQ

Anyone seen one recently? preferably on the Peninsula or in the South Bay...thx.

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    1. re: wolfe

      I bought one at home depot in south city / san fit 3 racks (6 half racks)

      1. Barbeques galore used to be my source for that kind of thing, a chain with many locations on the peninsula and in San Jose. There was a private equity buyout and a bankruptcy last year, so call first to see what they have. The web site no long has a full viewing of all inventory.

        1. is always a good bet. You can get them tax free and with free shipping:

          The heavy-duty Steve Raichlen version is definitely worth the extra $ if you plan to cook ribs often. My wife also picked one up on the cheap at Ross.

          The Weber version can be found just about anywhere that sells Weber grills (Ace Hardware, Home Depot, etc.)

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          1. re: Civil Bear

            Correction: Wife actually found the Raichlen rib rack at Marshall's in Novato for $12.95. She grabbed another for our BBQ buddy for Father's Day.