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May 29, 2009 12:27 PM

4 egg yolks. what can i make (or can I freeze them)?

Making a strawberry pavlova for dessert tonight using only egg whites. What can I do with the 4 leftover yolks?

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  1. The Indonesia Spice Cake in Crade of Flavor calls for extra yolks (check out the COTM Crade of Flavor threads) as do other cakes...
    or you could freeze them for later.

    1. Custard? lemon curd? they do freeze just fine, though.

      1. Mayonnaise, hollandaise, Bernaise, rouille, and similar sauces.

        Custards, ice cream.

        Very rich brioches can be made with just yolks, and you can make other pastries that use brioche paste, like ensaimadas (also known as Mallorcas).