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May 29, 2009 12:06 PM

Where To Buy Duck Locally (RTP/NC)

Is there a place in or near the RTP (or in NC) where I can buy whole ducks from? I would like to buy in bulk and fresh is preferable... I tried searching for duck farms in NC but I didn't really get anything...

Thanks again!

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  1. You could try Grand Asia Market in Cary. They have pretty much any off the wall ingredient you could think of.

    1. You could call Cliff's in Carrboro. My guess is that the answer will be no, but it is worth a shot. The only time I've found duck legs around here is from him.

      1. Fernhill Farm in Orange County sells local whole ducks. I am sure there are other local farms that sell duck, it's just a matter of checking. (919) 933-3050, Fernhill Farm. They also have a website that typically needs updating.

        You can also check with Southern Seasons and Whole Foods, both of which carry duck at various times. Check with Weaver Street Co-op.

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          you could also call restaurants in the area that often have duck and ask where theirs comes from.

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            I don't know if these 3 places will have exactly what you want, but the possibilities look good. I went to the NC Farm Fresh page at the NCDA site:
            Then I searched for duck and got these:
            Cane Creek Farm, Snow Camp
            Holland Farm, Warrenton
            Yellow Wolf Farm, Lansing (in Ashe County
            Each farm shows a link to their website.