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May 29, 2009 11:49 AM

Bachelorette Getaway

I have just joined the board and was reading some old post. I am hosting a Bachelorette Getaway in N.O. during Labor Day weekend (arriving on Thurs and leaving on Sat. afternoon).
I saw some post regarding Galatoire's. Seems several people mentioned Friday lunch there. Can anyone offer more information about this place? What makes the atmosphere so good at Friday lunch?
It will be during Southern Decadence, so I am assuming it will be crowded. Do they take reservations for lunch or what time is the best time to arrive?

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  1. If you search back about a month ago there was an extensive thread. Some great information about Galatoire's is offered by Hazlehurst, Bill Hunt, N.O. Food, and a few others. It would be a fabulous and fun place for a group of ladies. My girlfriends and I love to get "glammed" up with a hat and gloves etc and enjoy the old school ambiance of the place on Fridays. Lot's of people tend to come for lunch and stay for dinner.....enjoying Sazerac's all the while. It is almost like a huge party and is fabulous!They do take reservations upstairs, but if you want to enjoy the show, you will have to line up on Bourbon and wait for a table. It is worth the wait! Good luck!

    1. Hello: I wouldn't worry about Southern Decadence interferring with your trip to Galatoire's. I looked at their website and they require men to wear Jackets. I go to New Orleans every Labor Day Weekend (it's my B-day) and trust me, most of the guys that go to Suthern Decadence do NOT want to dress up. So you should have a GREAT time. I have never eaten there but if I remember to pack a jacket (NOT), maybe I will try it for my B-day.

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        They do have a "house jacket" for those that forget. Just so you know : )

      2. No reservations, but definitely worth the wait. Get there early for Friday lunch - it is an institution in New Orleans.

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          It is definitely a scene on Fridays. You either love it or hate it. Get there before 11 though to wait in line or you won't eat until 3...and you'll be trashed. :) For my husband's birthday weekend, we're planning on flying in early Friday morning, going to change into our Galatoire's costumes {My husband doesn't wear a lot of seersucker or linen usually, but has been known to break it out} and then go wait in line for a great table. It's the most fun when you have a big group and lots of free time.

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