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May 29, 2009 11:38 AM

Food in Baltimore near Lexington Market

I'll be in Baltimore, staying at the Sheraton Baltimore City Center Hotel (formerly known as the Wyndham). I'm looking for any kind of good eats within walking distance. I'll need to find a place to eat after midnight on Tuesday night. Any tips appreciated! I'm allergic to crabs, but I love clams and oysters. Thanks.

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  1. Wow -- after MIDNIGHT on a Tuesday night? There's nothing decent within walking distance. You'll need to hop in a cab and take the 5-10 minute ride over to somewhere in Harbor East or Fells Point.

    Not sure how late Bertha's or Ryleigh's are open on Tuesday into Wednesday AM...

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      I'll pack a snack then... But I will be looking for places to eat on Wed. and Thurs.

    2. The only place i can think of to eat after midnight, during the week, within a close by distance, Sabatino's in Little Italy. Not sure if I would consider it within walking distance, especially late at night.

      The food is standard red sauce Italian at Sabatino's, but is decent. They are open until about 2a.m. or so.

      As for Wed. and Thurs, you will get many recs from the Chowhounds. What specifically are you looking for in terms of cuisine, price point, etc.? It would be helpful if you could narrow your desires for your Wed. and thurs. dining options. FoiGras

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        I'm looking for a place to go for dinner on Wed. and lunch on Thurs. that is near my hotel (I won't have a car). Something regional would be the most fun. Affordable is a plus. I live in New York City, and normally have a lot of choices, so something local that I normally wouldn't get would be best.

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          I hope you'll forgive me for the direct rebuttal, FoiGras, but whatever hungrycomposer packs for a snack is certain to be better than whatever s/he might get at Sabatino's. A quick taste of the "cheese" on the tables tells you all you need to know about that place.

          The same walk (one mile south instead of east) gets you to Corks, which serves a light menu until 1:30.

        2. The Corks rec is a great one. Its in Federal Hill, which has some libation options at that time of night as well.

          For lunch, definitely go to Lexington Market. Pollack Johnnies, Kraus turkey, Berger cookies, there are plenty of good non-crab options at Lexington Market for lunch.

          For dinner, maybe Woodberry Kitchen is a good option. Its not within walking distance but $1.60 on the light rail will take you from the Lexington Market stop to Woodberry.