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May 29, 2009 11:28 AM

Open on Sunday in St. Louis

Any suggestions for a good place to go that is open on Sunday in St. Louis. I recall from when we lived there that a lot of places are not open.


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  1. I go to Pat's om Oakland across from the Turtle Park on Sundays. Great fried chicken!

    1. There are dozens of places open on Sundays. I would suggest you go the the Sauce website and use their "Find a Restaurant" guide which has as one of its options under "features and attributes," "open Sundays." If you want more help from this board give us an idea of what kind of cuisine you are seeking. Generally, the restaurants on The Hill are closed Sundays and many Asian food restaurants are open, but that information only scratches the surface.

      1. Everest, on Manchester between Sarah and Boyle in the city, is open, and features its lunchtime buffet on Sundays at $8.95/pp. I think it is a tremendous value, the Nepalese and Korean specialties are fresh, delicious, and healthy. Many vegetarian selections. Warm naan, excellent veggie pakoras. We have been going early Sunday afternoons: I think the buffet is open until 2:00.
        The restaurant also offers its regular dinner menu in the evenings.

        Everest Cafe & Bar
        4145 Manchester Ave, Saint Louis, MO 63110

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          Thanks. When we lived here 20+ years ago, lots of places were closed. I don't recall if it was Blue Laws or local custom.

          Something casual, but interesting. With something that a typical 12 year old boy would eat.

          I'll check out the saucecafe site. Thanks.

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            The looks really useful.


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              Try the Schlafly Tap Room. I know it seems odd to recommend a brewery for a kid's meal, but they have good food and lots of selections a kid would like.

          2. There are a lot of places open on Sundays, it depends on what you consider good. Pat's is good. Most of the CWE restaurants are open Sundays. Cafe Ventana is great for lite bites and nice patio. I'll say again. Babalu's in Kirkwood is a greatplace for a casual breakfast or lunch. Cafe Osage is another breakfast/lunch spot.