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Ginza sushi - ramen

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While walking on Bay St. I noticed Ginza Sushi (which displaced Eggstacy) has opened. The greeter (!) standing outside noticed my interest and invited me in to get a take out menu. The place screams "hip" - svelte waitress all in black, and a CARPETED floor. Perusing the menu on the way to my errand, I noticed they serve udon and soba, and for $2 extra, ramen. That piqued my interest and after my errand I went in for lunch and ordered the mixed seafood ramen.

When it was brought to the table I immediately regretted my choice. The shoyu-based broth had a strong aroma of pork fat - and I don't eat pork! (but can tolerate pork soup if not too strong). Thinking I may have to dump in the whole bottle of togarashi provided, I timidly tasted the soup, but surprising there wasn't a strong pork taste. It was rather light, but tasty enough. The noodles are definitely fresh - I found them much better than Tokyo Kitchen and that place at Steeles and Warden, and maybe on par with Konnichiwa's. I asked and they said they get it from a local supplier. Unfortunately for you purists no traditional toppings like chasiu. They also do stir-fried ramen.


Their prices are very low for the location, chirashi in Yorkville for $10 is dirt cheap, I wonder if it's filling. BTW the staff speak Cantonese.

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  1. Ugh I used to go to the one at Finch and Bayview/Leslie. The sushi is really bad, super unfresh.