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May 29, 2009 11:00 AM

Has anyone tried Shatin 18?

Has anyone tried Shatin 18 at the new Hyatt Regency in Hong Kong? Heard that it has a show kitchen and serves peking duck as well. How does it fair compare to "Made in China" in Beijing and "Xindalu" in Shanghai?

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  1. I went there this week. It's in the Shatin Hyatt, which is next to KCR University Station.

    It has 4 show kitchens, which is a bit gimmicky; one for dumplings/noodles, one for roast meat, one for wok cooking and one for desserts.

    The duck is good; the skin is almost translucent and melts on the tongue, as opposed to the usual HK crispy/glazed skin. To my taste it's different, rather than better. Their other dishes are quite serviceable.

    The service was lousy. This is a hotel restauarnt and you're paying $70 for a beer, so it's not unreasonable to expect a decent standard of service. But the staff were inexperienced and disorganized, to the point where it detracted from the meal. I'll spare you all the details, but basically I'd give them some more time to get their staff trained before visiting.

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      Thanks for the response, esp the impression on the duck. I have tried the SH and BJ versions, so I would be keen to compare the one at Shatin 18. Agree if they charge $70 for a beer one should deserve better service, but I think I will be less demanding on this front given your comments.

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        Forgot to mention - reserve a duck when you make your reservation, and tell them you'll want it ready when you arrive (if that's what you want). While you are not required to do this, they're disorganized enough that it's a good idea to do this if you want to be sure of getting a duck with less than a 90 minute wait.

        If you have a big group, the private rooms (especially those with windows) are quite nice.

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          I will be attending a big group dinner there this week. I hope my hosts will order duck...