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May 29, 2009 10:41 AM

$1 oysters at The Grog

Just read in a summer preview magazine for the Newburyport area that The Grog will have $1 oysters every day. We go there for their chowder, which is the best around IMHO, but this sounds like a great deal. Anyone had Grog's oysters yet? I am wondering if they have several varieties to offer.

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  1. You are wise to ask this question before trying them. The Grog is not a place I would eat raw oysters. I would stick to the burgers and booze there until you get a few good reports.

    1. Oooo nooo, don't!!!! NSF is a right! Burger at the Grog, good. Beer at the Grog, good. Raw shellfish at the Grog, BAD. Believe me, your intestines will thank us.

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        Marliave also has $1 oysters at any of the bars. I got a half dozen last Wednesday and they were very fresh and expertly shucked.