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May 29, 2009 10:39 AM

Boston: 1 Night; 1 Person (and a pizza slice place)

I will be in Boston in a few weeks for one Friday night. I will not have a car and am not sure about a hotel, but a cab or trolley ride is not an issue. I like everything (Indian excepted, as it doesn't like me), and will pass on Mexican unless it's extraordinary (Frontera Grill in Chicago), as I'm from Southern Arizona. Good martinis and wines b-t-g a must! I like small plate places, or places where a few appetizers can make a great meal! Money not a big issue.

On the following Monday I'll be leaving from Logan to return home. I'd be very happy with a good recommendation for a great slice of pizza for lunch.


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  1. Maybe the bar at Sage for Friday night, slice at the original Pizza Regina in the North End on Monday.

    1. Small plates, money not an issue, and only one night? These are splurge places: O Ya (you've heard of it as Bruni's #1 restaurant outside NYC) and Clio. Sadly, they are both some of the more expensive places in town.