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May 29, 2009 09:58 AM

Are we really related?!

Do you ever look over at your sibling during a meal and wonder if you're really related?! I'm amazed at how different my brother is to me. We grew up exposed to the same foods but our approaches are so different. Over dinner last night, I noticed just how opposite he is to me. He hates spicy foods (which I love), he hates coconut flavoured anything (again opposite for me), he's more meat and potatoes (I'm everything but), he's quantity vs quality (I'm the opposite), he prefers traditional and classical preparations (I'm more interested in new twists to things) and he's hesitant to try anything new and unfamiliar (whereas I'm game for anything). Our parents fall midway between us. It's almost like I went to one extreme and he went the other way. Is it the same in your family?

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  1. Not my sister, but my grandparents for sure. On the one side I've got a German Jewish grandfather who eats pickled herring for breakfast, beet salad (read: lots of vinegar) for lunch, and can't get enough spleen & other offal (he once complained when a thanksgiving turkey came without giblets; everyone else in the family breathed a sigh of relief) - all things I can't stand. On the other side, my grandfather (who died when I was young, so this is all family legend) wouldn't touch cheese of any kind and adored hot dogs; I won't touch hot dogs but adore cheese. I like to think I got my Italian grandmother's food genes - more garlic, please!

    1. My brother and all the cousins on both sides were all cloned - all love good food of all types and all cook.

      1. I keep insisting that my brother was switched at birth. He eats nothing like the rest of our family.

        This guy lived off pizza pops, pizza and fast food. Nobody in my family eats like that. The guy gets sick when he eats something actually healthy.

        Worse yet, he adapts his eating pattern to his current girl friend's. One would eat NO cooked vegetables, didn't eat fish/seafood of any sort. My brother all of a sudden rejected all of these.

        It'd be tolerable if he was 15 but he's 37.

        1. My wife and I love spicy food, Indian, Mexican, Caribbean, Sichuanese, etc. When a new restaurant opens, especially one with that type of food, we can't wait to try it.

          Our son used to be like that, but as he went through adolescence, he became fussier and fussier. No onion. Nothing green, like veggies, etc.

          There are literlly thousands of restaurants here in Toronto, but he has four which are the only ones to which he will go. I will say that he evidentally made an intelligent choice when it came to getting married, since his wife actually seems to put up with this nonsense.

          P. S. In regard to the comment by Emmmily, pickled herring for breakfast does turn me off. The thing to have is herring in wine sauce, with cream cheese on a toasted half bagel.

          As to hot dogs and cheese, I split hot dogs, cook them, and then put some process or cheddar in the split, and melt it. I wrap this with some Mexican salsa ranchers in a flour tortilla. Olé!

          1. My sister has a huge sweet tooth and I don't. She could care less if she comes home from work and has a muffin for dinner. On the other hand, I like good meals and could practically skip dessert.

            When it comes to seafood, she has only haddock and that's it. I like almost any kind of seafood, even sushi.

            My two sons are like you and your brother fickle. Oldest is meat and potatoes, youngest is interested in new twists.


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              I am one of 5 siblings -- my brother and I are very adventurous food-wise, two of my sisters just the opposite. One won't even drink alcohol, but that's another thread, the other still limits herself to about 3 things when eating in a restaurant. As a kid she ALWAYS ordered the same thing when we went out as a family. God help us if we went someplace she couldn't get a grilled cheese sandwich and an orange soda! Today she has a teenage daughter who has been a vegetarian for several years, and tortured her mother with picky food choices. So what comes around, goes around!