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May 29, 2009 09:02 AM


Is it true that Petunia's is closed as of today? I know that there were lots of mixed feelings about this place, but I always enjoyed it.

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  1. I just called, the guy on the phone said they are day to day, open right now.

        1. Too bad to hear about this. This was my mom and dad's favorite brunch spot. I will miss the crepes. : ( Does anyone know exactly why they closed? The last time I went I waited for a long time and they always seemed busy.

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            It can't have been because business was slow. It was, as you say, always busy.

            The owners might have been tired, and ready to call it quits. (How well I know that feeling!) Perhaps we'll get details in the coming weeks.

            1. re: BrooksNYC

              IF you hear anything please pass it along! I just told my parents and my mother was truly upset. It is a lovely space. Hopefully someone will take it over soon!

          2. First Time poster here.

            So sad. No more crepes. No more pain perdu.

            Anyone know the crepe recipes they used?

            1. I'm so sad to hear this. My niece and I were just talking about Petunia's today. She'll be in New Orleans this weekend and was hoping to eat there. Did anyone find out why they closed? I loved their crêpes and pain perdu.

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                The breakfast menu from Petunia's is being served at Oceania

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                  Wonderful news! And Oceana is just down from our hotel, so we can head there for an early breakfast before Jazz Fest!


                  The header specifically states that they are serving Petunias famous breakfast! :)

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                    Thanks! I will call my niece now and pass this on to her.