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ideas to use up frozen, shredded zucchini?

I have quite a bit of zucchini in the freezer. Not sure what to do with it besides soup.

Is it possible to make good zucchini bread out of zucchini that was previously frozen?

Look forward to any of your suggestions.

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  1. Tortas de Calabacita - large flour tortilla filled witrh shredded cheese, shredded squash, diced bell peppers, mexican spices, say 1/2" thick. Top with another tortilla and press a bit. cin in a large dry skillet or on a griddle, and flip to brown the other side. Cut into wedges and serve.

    1. Defrost, wring dry, and use as you would fresh shredded zucchini - in fritatas, bread, fritters, etc.

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        zucchini pancakes (savory) sound really good. I don't have any right now. You know, I can't see straight when HannaOne posts his scallion pancake recipe I want it so bad. I'm going to make them one of these days... anyway- fritter/pancakes get my vote

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          last summer I found a variety of recipes on the internet including zucchini pancakes (tasted sort of like carrot cake), zucchini raisin bran muffins (fantastic), etc. I would just gently wring out the excess water. I just put mine in a colander and push down on it. Zucchini whoopie pies are great, too.

        2. This is an outstanding recipe for brownies with the zucchini being completely undetectable. I discovered this about 3 yrs ago, and I've probably made these brownies 20 times since then.

          1. Make a meatloaf and add the zucchini to the meat mixture. Turkey meatloaves are particularly good this way because they need the moisture.

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              Shoot, this should work well also for turkey burgers. Great idea !

              1. Try some in pasta sauce, pizza sauce, or throw some in homemade carrot juice.

                1. My favorite side dish is mixed vegetables consisting of steamed julienne carrots, zucchini, onion and garlic. Steam 2 cups zucchini, 2 cups carrots, 1 cup onions + 1 or 2 minced garlic cloves. I add a dash of Italian Herb seasoning and a flake or two of salt. I could eat just this for dinner and be a happy girl, but I'm weird like that.

                  Ooh I'm gonna make a huge batch, eat half and throw the other half into a baking dish for my next batch of "instant breakfast" (In a 9 x 13 pan, lots of veggies - usually broccoli, a dozen eggs and some cheese, then after it's baked I cut it into squares and freeze in individual portions for instant meals).

                  1. Zuc. Chocolate Cake, Zuc Bread, cut half of pasta noodles for spaghetti or add to the sauce, puree into fruit smoothies (adds bulk without taste; I do it everyday!)

                    1. Mix into a thick, non-sweetened waffle batter, cook in wafflebaker. Add chunks of cheese is desired, garlic, cayenne, etc.