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May 29, 2009 08:52 AM

How long do unpasteurized eggs last in the fridge?

Someone gave me some eggs from chickens they keep in their back yard, but I have to leave town before I can enjoy them. How long do they stay safe to eat?

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  1. Refrigerated, they last four to five weeks. They do decline in quality - the egg whites become less dense.

    1. Weeks and weeks. I keep chickens and there are times when I am simply inundated with eggs. I've used eggs that were a month or more old and they're absolutely fine. Of course, for eating straight up (fried, scrambled, etc.) freshness comes across in the taste and texture. But for any other use whatsoever they'll last for much longer than I think you imagine.

      1. most plain old grocery store eggs are unpasturized. I certainly keep those around for weeks on end.

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          And grocery store eggs are usually weeks old when you buy them.

          Hard boiled eggs made from very fresh eggs are usually difficult to peel neatly. As the egg ages the white shrinks and air permeates the shell. If a hard boiled egg has a very large flat area at one end where air has accumulated, then it's not as fresh as an egg with a very small or no flat area.

        2. Eggs, especially if refrigerated, keep a very long time, whether or not they've been pasturized. I've used eggs two months past the use-by date, and they've been fine.

          If an egg is off, you will know it the second you crack it -- they don't call that sulfery smell "rotten eggs" for nothing.

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            Same here. I use eggs up to two months after the date stamped on the carton and never have had a problem.