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May 29, 2009 08:38 AM

hidden gem Edmonton patios

Looking for patios in Edmonton where the food is decent and the sun sticks around into the evening. We were at Sherlock Holmes last weekend which was pleasant enough; but the food was only so-so (I know, it's a pub, what was I expecting?) and the buildings blocked any sunlight.

I guess late-evening sunshine isn't a necessary, but interesting people-watching and good grub are.


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  1. I had gelato @ DeCapo recently. I was surprised by how good the people watching was. You get decent sunshine, but the patio faces east. I haven't eaten their food, but I like the gelato. It has an excellent texture.

    1. The best patio is Chili's rooftop in Old Strathcona. So go for appetizers and a cold one. The fajitas are OK.

      As for good patio and good food, for the longest time it was Vi's on the riverfront. I have a hard time thinking of anything now that comes close. Maybe Fiori's at the top of the High Level bridge - no view though.

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        I second the chili's rooftop. Great view. Okay food.

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          Chili's - interesting. Didn't know they had a patio.
          As for Fiori's, we were there a couple of months ago for a friend's celebratory welcome home party - had abysmal service and awful food. I don't think we'll go back there.
          Is Vi's no longer in existence? (still sort of new to the city and familiarizing ourselves with the good haunts).
          Thanks for all the info!

        2. A few nice patios with good food but with a lack of view are

          NY Bagel Cafe - Just behind that Old strathcona Farmers Market on Gateway Blvd
          The Dish - 12417 Stony Plain Road

          1. I just thought of another fabulous patio -- the Hotel Macdonald. I have had glorious cream tea out on the patio overlooking the valley and it was so elegant. Pricey but lovely. And food at the mac is great.

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              My favorite patio is actually at Manor Cafe, and I personally love their food. It is a good size patio, but still worth reserving a patio table on the usual busy nights. it also faces west which is nice for the warm evenings, surrounded by trees and flowers. not much for people watching. In the same area and more casual is Urban Diner, still a decent patio and food.

              Jack's Grill has a nice secluded patio, definitely not the atmosphere for people watching.

              on Whyte ave, what about Murietta's? they have a nice street level patio and better than pub food.

              There is a hotel right next to the Mac (to the East I think) that has a great patio, can't remember the name and never been there.

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                Just thought of another quaint little patio at a place in Oliver Square called Tesoro, they have are cafe style, very similar to DaCapo, great pizzas, good pastas, nice location in the sun with west facing and fountains nearby. Bare bones resto though, but you can get a Moretti or wine and a pizza (what more do you need?)

                1. re: cleopatra999

                  Their daily pasta special is usually pretty good.

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                  I think you might be thinking of Thorton Court - I went there years ago and the patio was very nice - over looking the river valley - but again not ideal for people watching. Im sorry to say that my visit was to many years ago to remember or give a good review of the food, but based on what I can recall from my experience there I would definatly return :)

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                    The Riverside Bistro - name same, hotel different. It's now the courtyard by marriott. I used to love sitting on their patio, they have an amazing view of the river valley. But the last time I went, the patio wasn't open. The food (a business lunch buffet) was fine, but that was over two years ago.